3 Sustainable Mini Handbags To Invest In For Summer

Looking to invest in a summer handbag? Well, how about we start where we left off in my last post about sustainable swimwear: ‘Let’s all try to minimise our environmental impact through small, conscious steps that make a huge difference for the one planet we all share’.

With that in mind, when shopping for a sustainable bag, remember to keep an eye on the provenance of its main material. Handbags are often made of leather, with the leather produced for bag manufacturing being a key driver behind deforestation in the Amazon.

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Bottle Top
Source: @KittyUnofficial / Instagram

Luckily, more and more brands these days understand the impact of their business on people and our planet. There are increasing numbers of sustainable options for us to look good, feel good and do good in – so here are my favourite sustainable mini handbags for summer!

Labienhecha Hortensia Bag

Source: @KittyUnofficial / Instagram

Handmade in Malaga, Spain, Labienhecha only uses recycled leather, certified by Global Recycled Standard and Oeko Tex Leather Standard. Their use of pastel colours across their collection is especially enchanting – after all, it’s all about summer and wanting to make the most of the season!

I carried my small Hortensia, which means “shopping bag” in Spanish, throughout my most recent business trip to the US. I love its quality and versatility; it came with me to the gym and my business meetings alike. An all-woman team lies behind Labienhecha, something that I find compelling when purchasing from boutique sustainable brands.

Available at Labienhecha

Brunna.Co Sumatran Tiger Clutch

Source: @KittyUnofficial / Instagram

Brunna.Co offers unique, limited and collectible handmade bags crafted by local artisans in Indonesia. Their multitude of designs is meant to represent the biodiversity surrounding us. More importantly, their bags are often made with a specific conservation effort in mind.

My Sumatran Tiger Clutch was designed to raise awareness of critically endangered Sumatran tigers; currently, there are less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild due to deforestation and poaching. Brunna.Co donates the proceeds from each Sumatran Tiger Clutch purchased directly from their online store to tiger conservation projects.

Available at Brunna.Co

Bottle Top Bellani Mini Enamel Bag

Source: @KittyUnofficial / Instagram

Bottle Top takes the mantra ‘One person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ to a whole new level. They make their bags from recycled bottle tops from Africa and certified-Amazon Zero Deforestation leather. Their atelier in Brazil employs more than 20 mostly female artisans, with a salary 45 percent higher than the Brazilian industry average.

My Bellani Mini Bag is more than just a bag – I would go as far as to say that it’s a piece of art! It takes Bottle Top’s skilled artisans a whole day to make one of these beauties by hand. All my summer necessities fit perfectly inside – and to literally top it all off, bottle tops do keep me cool in the summer heat, all puns intended!

Available at Bottle Top

Let’s rethink the way we buy this summer. Where we spend our money does shape the future of our planet… And yes, let me say it again, let’s all try to minimise our environmental impact through small, conscious steps that will make a huge difference for the one planet we share!

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