“Make the world one shade greener.”

Living sustainably should be easy, light-hearted, and non-judgemental. Mindful decisions, however small in our eyes, can work wonders for our world. Let us smile, celebrate and be proud of ourselves for aspiring towards a greener tomorrow.  

Ever since COVID, many of us have been more conscious about our health and wellbeing.

A lot of us have really started rethinking and reprioritising what’s important in our lives.

What better time than now to take that first step in a journey that will make a difference not only in our lives, but in our communities, and the world at large. It is time to make a difference.

Even though we all care about our planet, why aren’t we all living more sustainably? Why does it seem so difficult and out of reach to build a greener, healthier future?

Well, that’s what we, 8Shades, are here for.  To make sustainability easier and accessible for you, and to help you take your first step, whether it be a baby step or a giant leap, towards a more sustainable life. Whatever your jam or journey, we are here every step of the way.  For one person, the first step may be carpooling with friends; for another, it might be cutting down meat consumption; yet for others, it might be as simple as bringing their own reusable water bottle to work or the gym. Every little change can make a huge difference if it is multiplied a million times. 

That is why we are called 8Shades, because we believe that everyone can take on a different shade – from light green to dark green.  Any little step we take, we make an impact; any shade of green we take on, we are a step closer to saving the world.

While critics might say that you cannot make any lasting impact by taking one simple and “trivial” step, we are here to show you that small steps are the little keys that open big doors of change.  Everyone needs to start somewhere.  Together let’s all take a step forward and drive this essential change of lifestyle. A million of us, a million of steps.

Let us empower, encourage and learn from each other so we can walk down this journey together.  Every single one of us can make minor adjustments in our current lifestyles to make better choices …as we said baby steps.

Just remember that any shade that you take on, will make the world one shade greener. 

8Shaders, welcome to the beginning of our journey together.

– Emily Lam-Ho, Founder of 8Shades