Sometimes, inspiration and purpose can come when you least expect it. I didn’t wake up one day with a newfound calling to make the world one shade greener. Rather, my journey to sustainability was a slow evolution that weaves together different phases of my life. 

When my journey began, I was an angsty teenager who was looking to rebel against my family at every turn. When my journey started to progress, I was living in a third-world country where food was scarce, but servings of humble pie were plenty. When my journey took on a whole new level of meaning, I was staring at my newborn son for the first time.

The most profound part of my journey was probably when I decided to volunteer in a third-world country and work at a local orphanage. Although some of my memories have faded, I will forever be inspired by the special relationship that the villagers had forged with Mother Nature. During this unforgettable experience, the importance of sustainability was etched deeply in my heart. 

It was then that I slowly started to connect the dots. I now know that my purpose is to build a future where my children – and every child around the world – can thrive in a greener world where they can breathe clean air, swim in plastic-free oceans, and eat nutrient-dense food. 

8Shades is my passion project that reflects my belief that change doesn’t happen overnight, and that we need not make big changes to make a difference or inspire others. We often forget that small steps, baby steps even, are how we climb the tallest of mountains. 

Our world is riddled with problems, some we may never be able to fix. But what matters most is not how much we do, but how much effort we invest in the causes what we care about. Each of us has different needs, goals and personalities. What may appear as a small step to you may be a large step to someone else. 

But remember, rainbows are born in between the light and the rain. Likewise, our collective power emerges from our differences, not simply our similarities. 

At 8Shades, we want to celebrate your every step. We are a light-hearted and non-judgmental community that is ready to empower you to pick a shade, your unique shade, that will bring you and our planet to greater heights. Let’s journey together as we make the world one shade greener.


Emily Lam-Ho, Founder of 8Shades