Motivation, inspiration and incentive can come from many different forms and different directions, and sometimes, when you least expect it.

This is my passion project that I have been debating for quite a while now whether to start this.  Juggling between raising a family and working amid the pandemic, this has been put on the back burner for a while now.

But now, I got the motivation I needed, and I am going to share my story with you!

I have always been passionate about using my voice and platform for the greater good of the world. I aspire to promote responsible and sustainable habits, and to drive awareness of female empowerment challenges (or opportunities).  I want to use this platform to talk about a variety of topics – from some of these important and impactful issues, to what is our favourite date night restaurant, to what my selections of sustainable skin products are. 

I wanted to share my current stay-home experiences as I believe many are going through the same thing.  As a mother of two under the age of 5, I have my struggles of balancing work and home  –  there are the occasional zoom calls when my daughter jumps in and share with 8 other board members that she has wet her pants, then I have to politely excuse myself with a straight face to attend to her.  And of course, the ups and downs of home-schooling, and equally as important is how to keep a healthy mental state for both myself and my family. 

I want to share how when my daughter developed her egg and dairy allergy, I changed different recipes, tried different alternatives and explored different vegan recipes for her.  To me, finding the balance of being reducetarian to being anaemic and having to keep meat in my diet is another story I would later love to share.

Going back to my life even further, I also want to share with you all about my overweight teenage years and how I struggle with my weight post baby, and what I do to keep my mind, body and soul healthy.

This is my journey, my learning progress from walking from one shade of green to another shade darker. 

Why I decided to do this? Because I found it hard to find and filter out all the information out there to address my sustainability, health and wellness concerns.  And I found too much information is out there and it is too hard to digest, so we are here to hopefully strike that balance and learn together.

You don’t have to feel like you are turning your whole world upside down in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. 

My advice is this – start small and start now. Make one change today and I will be right there with you.