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Make a Splash In These 8 Sustainable Swimwear Brands

No matter how you’re spending your summer – on the beach, book in hand, on a junk boat or having a dawn surfing session, you need a good swimsuit that makes you feel confident – that’s a non-negotiable! And while you’re enjoying the ocean, why not find a swimsuit that’s helping clean it up at the same time? Here are eight sustainable swimwear brands that should be on your radar this summer. 

Ozero Swimwear

ozero swimwear sustainable
Source: Ozero Swimwear

Based in Malaysia, Ozero Swimwear targets those living in the tropics. Its products are made from Econyl, a regenerated nylon fibre made from recovered plastic waste like fishing nets and industrial plastic. The material also provides shape retention and UV protection, and is resistant to chlorine and sunscreen. We love their simplistic designs with vibrant colours, particularly this reversible orange one piece with straps that can be styled in two ways!


batoko swimwear
Source: Batoko

Batoko’s swimwear is made from trash, but the end result is far from it. Besides using recycled plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean and ensuring that it reduces its energy usage wherever possible, Batoko makes a concerted effort to donate regularly to marine conservation organisations. Their brand features so many fun and playful prints that it’s difficult to choose our favourite, but we love these shark and lobster one pieces. 

Stay Wild 

stay wild sustainable swimwear
Source: Stay Wild

Based in London, Stay Wild is a women-owned business that makes all of their swimsuits locally out of regenerated ocean plastic, Econyl and Tencel, the latter of which is biodegradable and compostable. Every part of their products are recycled and recyclable (including the tags)! All of their products feature clean, structured lines and a flattering fit, but these briefs will hold everything in and keep you looking perfectly cool on the scorching hot beaches of Hong Kong. 

Vitamin A

vitamin a
Source: Vitamin A

When founder Amahlia Stevens set out to create an eco-friendly swimwear line, she was told there was no market for swimwear made from recycled fibres – so she made her own, working with manufacturers to create EcoLux, a swim fabric made from recycled nylon fibres. Besides this, Vitamin A uses other sustainable yet high-performing fabrics like organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton and Tencel. From loungewear to bikinis and bodysuits, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something you don’t like at Vitamin A! This blue cut-out bralette will help you stand out from the crowd.


zaffre sustinab'e swimwear
Source: Zaffre

One of our local sustainable swimwear brands, Zaffre is relatively new to the swimwear scene, having launched in February 2020. Its swimwear is made with MIPAN Regan, which is regenerated nylon filament yarn, and Repreve, made from regenerated ocean waste, and its manufacturing process saves over 30% of energy compared to conventional garment-making! With free shipping for orders in Hong Kong, shopping for sustainable swimwear locally has never been so easy! Check out this beautiful olive green one-piece with detachable straps – no tan lines!

August Society

august society swimsuit
Source: August Society

Based in Singapore and crafted from materials like Econyl, rPET and Xtralife Lycra, August Society’s swimwear is not only beautiful and eco-friendly, but functional as well. Their signature Valencia one-piece is reversible – two for the price of one! They also offer multiple collections for men and kids as well, which include rash guards and patterned suits, allowing you to coordinate your swimsuits with your family’s! Plus, their products come delivered in plant plastic pouches that biodegrade over time.


september sustainable swimwear
Source: September

For our surfer gals, September is the brand for you! Blending flattering and feminine lines with athletic performance, September makes its swimwear with recycled fabrics made from ghost fishing nets and even old carpets! Its swing tags and packaging are also made from recycled materials. We love this burnt orange structured bikini top, but we also have to give a shout out to their gorgeous one pieces, which have such beautiful details, like this one in burnt sienna


rimmba swimwear
Source: Rimmba

Rimmba is based and manufactured in Bali and takes the utmost care in all stages of their production process, from sourcing and dyeing the fabrics to manufacturing and packaging. The brand’s name means “deep virgin forest” and it aims to create pieces that are sustainable and ethical from the material stage to the user disposal stage. It makes its pieces with Vita by Carvico, a durable fabric made from 100% regenerated post-consumer waste, as well as 100% natural dyes. Rimmba also provides a guide to repurposing its products after use! We love this flattering sporty-style bikini top (actually, we want the whole bikini set)!

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No matter how you’re spending your summer, spend it in a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and confident, while being kind to Mother Earth! We hope this guide to sustainable swimwear brands will inspire you to have the best, eco-friendly summer yet!

How To… Create Your Eco Outdoor Oasis

Summer has arrived! For those of us who have access to a balcony, rooftop, or garden, it’s time to spruce up our outdoor spaces with eco-friendly furniture. If you’re a morning person, a few staple pieces can transform your outdoor space to a personal sanctuary where you can enjoy your morning (sustainably sourced) coffee, meditate, journal and set your intentions for the day ahead.

If you work from home and get fatigued from looking at your computer screen all day, what’s a better way to take a break by stepping outside and laying on your hammock for fifteen minutes. You can also get your daily dose of vitamin D (be sure to wear reef-safe sunscreen) while you’re at it! If you’re a social butterfly, outdoor furniture can help you create a relaxing social hub where your friends and family can gather on a warm summer’s day to kickback with some Corona (the beers of course) and lime, and enjoy the sun set against Hong Kong’s stunning skyline.  

Our Top 8 Picks


Check out Yellow Leaf Hammocks, whose eco-friendly hammocks are guaranteed to elevate your relaxation. If the Shark Tank judges love these hammocks, so will you! Not only does the company ship to Hong Kong, they are firmly committed to sustainability and making a positive impact: Yellow Leaf has created numerous jobs for mothers in Thailand, empowering these women and their families to break out of the cycle of extreme poverty. 


Take a look at Hong-Kong based TREE for timeless, sturdy and sustainably sourced eco-wood furniture that will suit every outdoor space, style, and need. We love that TREE further supports the environment by partnering with Trees4Trees, and has planted over 77,800 new trees to date!


Visit Hong Kong based Green Dot Home, whose mission is to renew and upcycle sued furniture and homeware. The company also runs a furniture donation program and makes regular furniture donations to less privileged families.


Check out Jaxx Bean Bags, which has repurposed over 1 million pounds of foam trim to create upcycled micro-cushions used as cushy fill for their outdoor bean bags lounge chairs. The company also packages their bean bags using a game-changing vacuum compression process that removes 90% of the air from the Bean Bags. 

Shop Jaxx Bean Bags at Inmod, which ships to Hong Kong.


Find chic and colorful outdoor chairs and tables at Bend Goods, whose collection is made from recyclable iron, and is packaged in a way to minimize the company’s carbon footprint/  

Shop Bend Goods outdoor collection at Abc Home, which ships to Hong Kong. 


Shop for bistro chairs, outdoor tables and beanbags, garden parasols, outdoor lights and carpets at Fatboy’s products, which is committed to using fabrics that are Oeko-tex certified (meaning that their textiles, from yarns to the finished product, are made under sustainable conditions and have been tested for harmful substances), and using recycled materials as much as possible. 

Shop Fatboy’s outdoor furniture collection at Inmod, which ships to Hong Kong. 


Shop Zuo Modern’s aesthetically pleasing outdoor collection of chairs and tables, all made entirely of organic, sustainable and water-resistant materials.

Shop Zuo Modern’s outdoor collection at Inmod, which ships to Hong Kong.


Keep your eyes peeled on Yardbird. The founders, an American couple who moved to Hong Kong in 2014, spent their weekends exploring beaches off the South China and found the water and shores littered with waste. This inspired the couple to spend up to three years collecting plastic on beaches across Southeast Asia. Yardbird’s high quality outdoor furniture–– including dining sets and outdoor ottomans–– is made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. Even better, Yardbird’s furniture is 100% recyclable. Although the company currently doesn’t ship to Hong Kong, there are plans for the founders to return to their roots and do so in the near future. 

Surviving Hong Kong Summer with 8 Sustainable Switches

School break, icy treats, sunny adventures, breezy outfits… Summer is great in many aspects, but when hot days strike, things can get a bit intolerable. Check out these 8 simple sustainable switches to help you stay cool and green this summer. 



Here’s an obvious one – don’t abuse your air conditioner. Fans are just as effective if you’re looking to bring in some coolness and air circulation into the room. And they burn less electricity and dollar signs. WINK. 



Who are we kidding, Hong Kong’s summer can be hard to bear without air conditioning. But instead of offsetting the heat with a dramatic blast of cold air, try maintaining your thermostat at 24 to 26 degrees as it is the most economical and environmentally friendly setting. (fun fact: increasing your thermostat by just 1oc in can reduce the running cost of your appliance by 10%.)



This is one of our favourite things to do in summer. Taking cold showers not only helps with blood circulation and improves concentration, it’s also an effective way to lower our carbon footprint as it doesn’t involve heat or electricity to warm up the boiler. Plus, we tend to wrap things up quicker in a cold shower than with a hot one, so it naturally reduces our use of water and our bill. 



Cooking, microwaving, and eating hot food brings additional heat to our body and our house, so why not swap them with simple salads, sandwiches, juice and fruits. These cooling foods are refreshing, nutritious, and require minimal preparation and hardly any gas. 



Forget about having to flip your pillow every 10 minutes to get the cooler side. Pillows made out of buckwheat or bamboo don’t absorb heat the way cotton pillows do, so they can keep your mind cool and make a hot night more bearable. 



Same concept as wearing a light shirt when you’re out and about on a hot day. Dark colours absorb heat and light colours reflect it. So invest in a curtain that’s bright and light and be sure to use it during the day to shield off some hot sun ray. 



We know the summer bod doesn’t come easy. But instead of going to the gym, try sweating it out in the outdoors. Make use of the natural heat to help you detox, and enjoy your green workout sesh that doesn’t involve machinery and greenhouse gas. 



There’s nothing humorous about Hong Kong’s humidity. Many households have a dehumidifier because they work wonders in sucking out the moisture and preventing mould. But at the same time, they can increase the cooling load and makes your AC work hard to deliver the cool factor. So it’s best to not run them at the same time.