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The new diet that has you eating for the planet


Labelled as “the optimal diet for people and planet”, the Planetary diet was commissioned in 2019 to tackle three global briefs: to feed a future population of 10 billion people in 2050, to champion a diet that is environmentally sustainable, and to reduce the number of deaths caused by poor diet around the world. This […]


Fermenting for your gut and the planet


With kombucha and apple cider vinegar gaining popularity over the past few years in the health sphere, the spotlight has been shone on fermentation. However, fermented foods have been part of our diets for centuries, and were initially produced as a way to preserve foods, improve flavour and eliminate food toxins. Today, more people are […]


3 Reasons to try “Meatless Monday”


If you are interested in cutting back but aren’t quite sure where to start, why not try “Meatless Monday”? Simply put, Meatless Monday involves skipping meat for just one day a week in favour of a plant-based day. Why Monday? Because it helps you start off the week on a strong note and your willpower […]


Going vegan might not save the world


People dabble with veganism for various reasons. Some for the health benefits, some for the love of animals, and some for the environment. While we support diversified diets and less meat consumption on the whole, if you are becoming a vegan solely because you’ve been told veganism is THE antidote to global warming and climate […]


Vegan Easter giveaway with our pals at Cakery


Hands up if you’re vegan, suffer from a dairy allergy or are just trying to be a little bit healthier this month? Fret not, you can indulge over Easter too this year thanks to Cakery, 8Shades’ favorite guilt free bakery. Not only is their Easter egg vegan, it’s actually so gorgeous on the eyes, you […]


What happens to all that plastic that we try so hard to recycle


If you’re anything like us, you always make sure to carefully separate your trash and dispose of it in the correct recycling bin. You feel like you’ve done your part, but what really happens to it after it’s supposedly sent to be magically repurposed into something else?  There were rumours that waste destined for recycling […]


Why is sustainable fashion more expensive than fast fashion?


There is a growing demand for eco-friendly clothing, but most people don’t want to pay more for it. Fair enough, as fast fashion has taught us to expect that a t-shirt should cost HKD$70, when a sustainable brand sells one for $200, it’s easy to dismiss them as catering exclusively to the wealthy. However, there […]


5 most and least sustainable fabrics


As fast fashion begins to slow down, old and new brands are starting to see that not only are sustainable fabrics the best choice for the environment, they are also in higher demand than ever. We all know consumer demand is the key to creating lasting change and at 8Shades we are all about making […]

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