Good News: Classic Coca-Cola Bottles Make A Green Comeback

If you’ve always enjoyed your Coca-Cola in glass bottles rather than in a can – or heaven forbid, a plastic bottle – you just got your wish. Coca-Cola has brought back its classic glass bottles in Hong Kong after taking a brief, one-year break. And for its highly anticipated comeback, it’s become greener, lighter, and bigger.

The Coca-Cola Company
Source: Coca-Cola Hong Kong

While the Coca-Cola bottle comes in its original, hourglass-like shape that conjures up all sorts of nostalgia, a few tweaks were introduced to its design to make them more convenient for customers to return. Bottling plants will also find them easier to recycle, clean, disinfect and refill.

Source: Coca-Cola Hong Kong

For starters, the bottle is now made of 60-percent recycled glass materials, making it not only more environment-friendly but also lighter and easier to carry after shedding two-thirds of its original weight.

Remarkably, the volume has increased even though it’s lighter, by now holding 250ml of refreshing Coke as compared to the previous 192ml. Furthermore, each box now contains 24 bottles instead of 12 for easier and more efficient transportation and storage.

Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong
Source: Coca-Cola Hong Kong

The launch of the new glass bottle is part of Coca-Cola Co. and Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong’s long-term vision of sustainability. Following through with the motto, “World Without Waste,” together, they’ve adopted new, environmentally friendly technology to facilitate and encourage recycling and re-use.

An extensive campaign will be rolled out over the next few months to further engage consumers to opt for a a recycled bottle and getting into the habit of returning them.

The old bottle designs. (Source: Coca-Cola Hong Kong)

These recyclable bottles are now available at your favourite restaurants around the city, including Hong Kong-style cha chaan tengs, noodle shops and Chinese restaurants, as well as convenience stores, supermarkets and online.

Source: Coca-Cola Hong Kong

You can now order them online, including other Coca-Cola brands such as Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes, and Kochakaden – so be sure to check them out next time the craving hits!

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