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Weekly Eco Tip: Where To Refill Your Water Bottle in Hong Kong

Did you know that 5.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away in Hong Kong per day? That’s why it’s so important to bring a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go (and why we made it one of our #8Shades8Weeks weekly challenges!). Some companies in Hong Kong are making the transition a breeze with either refilling stations or resources to help you find these stations. 

The environmental impact of bottled water is staggering; to manufacture one bottle of water, three times the amount of water is used. And because of the chemical production of plastics, the water is mostly unusable. We hope that this guide to where to refill your (reusable) water bottle in Hong Kong will help you in making the transition away from single-use plastic bottles.


Water For Free

Water For Free is an app that maps out the water fountains and dispensers throughout Hong Kong on Google Maps. Since being launched in 2014, it has mapped out well over 1,000 water dispenser locations, between hiking trails, parks and private buildings. There’s a handy reporting feature, where you can note new fountains that you’ve come across, and you can also make suggestions on where you think a water dispenser should be installed. 

water for free app
Source: Water For Free app


Urban Spring

Urban Spring is on a mission to fight plastic pollution in Hong Kong with their unique, digital-forward refill #Wells placed across the city. Since 2017, the social enterprise has saved more than 6 million plastic bottles, preventing more than 10 million kgs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 

They also have a really cool membership scheme, where you buy a #Well bottle, scan a QR code to confirm your membership and then when you refill your bottle at #Well stations in partner stores, you get access to special offers! Their partners include Lane Eight, Misoup and One Stop Food Supply

urban spring
Source: Urban Spring

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Various MTR Stations

You can find the refilling facilities at 16 MTR stations across Hong Kong, including Admiralty, Prince Edward, Tung Chung, North Point and South Horizons. 

mtr refill water bottle hong kong
Source: Water For Free Via Facebook

Thankfully, more initiatives like the above are popping up around the city, supporting you in your efforts to dump plastic for good. All that’s needed on your part is your reusable water bottle and some effort!

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