3 Sustainable Linen Essentials for Your Summer Wardrobe

Linen is my favourite go-to fabric for summer. Its extreme moisture-wicking properties mean it’s super-breathable for those sweaty summer days!

Linen is known for being an eco-friendly fabric because it doesn’t require a lot of water to grow, does not require pesticides as it is naturally pest-repellent and creates minimal waste as every part of the flax plant from which linen is made is used for different purposes.

Source: @KittyUnofficial/Instagram

Linen is also very durable and gets softer over time, making it a great capsule wardrobe investment for years to come. With that in mind, here are my three of my top linen essential picks for your sustainable summer wardrobe:

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Son de Flor Pinafore Shirt 

Son de Flor’s square-neck linen crop top
Source: @KittyUnofficial/Instagram

I’ve already spoken about my love for crop tops in my summer capsule wardrobe article, but they really have become my no-brainer go-to for a street-style slash resort-look during weekends. I love Son de Flor’s square-neck linen crop top so much – its design makes it easy to pair with all my skirts, trousers, shorts and even jeans. Not to mention, it shows off all my hard work at the gym in a subtle, elegant way!

Son de Flor uses only natural Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics throughout their collection, with plastic-free packaging for delivery and a focus on ethical production. I wear this eye-catching fairy-tale piece with high-waisted pants for work or with relaxed trousers on my days off.

Available at Son de Flor

@White by Gosia Orlowska Sofia Pants 

 Sofia linen pants
Source: @KittyUnofficial/Instagram

I have officially replaced all my jeans with linen trousers as my summer staple! One of my favourite linen bottoms are these Sofia linen pants by Hong Kong-based designer Gosia Orlowska. They have become a great addition to my capsule wardrobe – the material is extremely soft and I like pairing them with a crop top and my favourite blazer for an easy, breezy summer outfit.

Gosia makes her collections from deadstock material in very limited quantities to minimise waste. She also allows customers to pre-order designs whenever she can.

Available at @White by Gosia Orlowska

BrunnaCo ARYA Safari Midi Dress

BrunnaCo’s Arya safari linen midi dress
Source: @KittyUnofficial/Instagram

For a more feminine take on linen, my pick is BrunnaCo’s Arya safari linen midi dress. Wearing this lightweight dress on a hot summer day is oh-so-comfy!

BrunnaCo is a Californian environmentally and socially sustainable fashion brand founded by Bali-born Helga Ida Ayu. Each of their collections is handcrafted by select artisans, mostly women, working from the comfort of their own homes in Indonesia.

Available at BrunnaCo

Of course, investing in sustainable materials is just a tiny step in your conscious fashion journey! To further that journey, be mindful of where you spend, make sure what you buy causes no harm to the planet and its people, and invest in quality timeless pieces instead of purchasing single-use, fast fashion garments. That way, you can ensure any new clothes are long-term investments rather than just quick impulse buys.

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