8Shades’ Eco Guide To Tai Mei Tuk

Located on the north-eastern edge of Tai Po, Tai Mei Tuk has long been a popular site for weekenders looking for a slice of nature in Hong Kong. Its name literally means ‘big tail end’ in Chinese as it sits at both the end point of Pat Sin Leng Country Trail and the end of one of Hong Kong’s oldest cycling routes.

Also famous for the dam of the same name that encloses Plover Cove Reservoir, Tai Mei Tuk is an ideal destination for a scenic day trip in Hong Kong – so here’s our eco guide to help you explore!

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Where To Eat & Drink

Mr Cardigan Plant House

Mr cardigan plant house
Source: Mr Cardigan Plant House / Facebook

Open on Sundays only, Mr Cardigan Plant House is a cafe set in a refurbished shipping container that is now a heaven for succulents. It’s known for its photogenic plant-filled grounds and is located right next to its owner’s farmland. Their menu changes seasonally, with food and drinks made from fresh, mostly local ingredients.

Mr Cardigan Plant House, corner of Shan Liu Road and Ting Kok Road, Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Mayse Artisan Bakery

Source: Mayse Artisan Bakery / Facebook

Mayse is an authentic Latvian bakery founded by father-daughter duo, Alex and Elina, which makes healthy, organic bread following traditional Latvian and Northern European recipes. The main attractions here are their signature sourdough and handcrafted breads, with some other delicious food items like truffle pizza and panini also available – and everything is vegan too.

Mayse Artisan Bakery, G/F, 64 Sam Wo Road, Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po, Hong Kong

What To See

Tai Mei Tuk Dam

Tai Mei Tuk Dam
Source: @laughtraveleat / Instagram

Tai Mei Tuk Dam is a 2km-long dam that closes off Plover Cove Reservoir and has become a popular spot for cyclists and kite fliers. You can easily walk up or take a cycling trip from Tai Wai or Tai Po.

It offers sweeping views of Tolo Harbour across to Ma On Shan, and also the Pat Sin Leng mountain range behind. Many people come to see the sunset, but cyclists should be mindful of when they need to return their bike rentals!

Lung Mei Beach

Source: Home & Youth Affairs Bureau HK / Facebook

Lung Mei Beach is slightly controversial as it was built in a protected marine area. This government-regulated beach has full changing rooms and shower facilities, plus lifeguards on duty. As long as you wear reef-safe sunscreen and are mindful of what you step on when you swim, it’s a great beach to visit and is the only one in the area.

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Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail

Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail
Source: @laughtraveleat / Instagram

Plover Cove Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Hong Kong and can hold 230,000,000 cubic metres of water. The hills surrounding the reservoir are relatively less steep – you can hike around it in one day! The Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail starts at Wu Gau Tong and ends at the dam, covering 18km and taking around nine hours.

The trail is a great challenge that should only be attempted during cooler weather, making sure you carry enough provisions and a head torch. But if you’re up for that and more, you can also try the Devil’s Fist Trail, which is a 30km hike!

Pat Sin Leng Country Trail

Pat Sin Leng Country Trail
Source: @laughtraveleat / Instagram

Hiking the Pat Sin Leng is a good alternative to the Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail. Its name comes from the eight Taoist deities known collectively known as Pat Sin, one for each of the mountain’s eight peaks. It’s an easier and shorter trail compared to Plover Cove Reservoir but does involve a steep ascent to the first peak.

This hike offers a higher vantage point to the region with a full view of the dam, the reservoir and towards mainland China. You can hike all the way to Hok Tau Reservoir if you choose but the fastest route is to return the way you came, which takes around four hours.

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