8Shades’ Best Reusable Water Bottles For Every Occasion

One of the biggest contributors to plastic consumption is water bottles, with over 100 million plastic bottles used worldwide daily. To help minimise plastic waste, we’ve rounded up the best reusable water bottles for every occasion and the most useful apps for finding where to refill your bottle.

Reusable Bottles

As much as I’d like to say that you only need one water bottle, my experience has proven otherwise! Sometimes you need different bottles for different occasions and different weather conditions. With that in mind, here are my top choices of reusable bottles:

Vacuum Insulated Bottles

A cold drink in the summer is a must – as is a hot drink when it’s freezing or you’re not feeling well. A vacuum insulated bottle is an absolute lifesaver during these times and there are many amazing brands now offering lightweight reusable bottles that won’t break your shoulder.


Source: @swellbottle / Instagram

S’well is a trusted brand with bottles, travellers, tumbler mugs and various other models. They have some cute designs and a triple-insulation design that keeps drinks cold for 36 hours and hot for 18 hours.

Available from Thorn & Burrow

24 Bottles

Source: @24bottles_official / Instagram

24 Bottles understands that good aesthetics can help people adopt healthier habits, and this Bologna-born brand is now sold across the globe. They have an insulated water bottle and cup line in printed designs, mattes and metallic finishes. There’s even the option to engrave your bottle and make it even more personalised.

Available from Slowood

Foldable Water Bottles

There’s no denying that water bottles take up space, which is why you need a collapsible bottle in your life! They’re perfect for backpackers, runners or just about anyone who doesn’t like carrying a bulky water bottle but still wants something to hand.


Source: Nomader

The Nomader collapsible water bottle was born out of a frequent traveller’s need for a bottle that’s durable and easy to carry. Their bottles are freezable, heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, plus they offer a lifetime warranty.

Available from Amazon


Source: @vapur / Instagram

Designed for those with active lifestyles, Vapur call themselves an “anti-bottle”. Their foldable bottles are 87 percent lighter than regular bottles and are dishwasher safe. They offer several different foldable bottle designs, ranging from 0.5l to 1.5l capacity, and even have a specific line designed for pets. Meanwhile, their 300ml “Incognito” line was designed as a modern-day flask for carrying alcohol!

Available from Vapur

Hiking Water Bottles

If you’re going on a proper adventure, you might want something more than a foldable water bottle – and there are several speciality bottles that make an even better fit for hiking.


Source: @lifestraw / Instagram

The LifeStraw bottle is a popular hiking companion because it allows you to refill from rivers and lakes without having to worry about catching a bug. The straw has a filter that not only protects against bacteria and parasites, but also from organic chemicals, chlorine, microplastics, dirt and sand. Even better, each LifeStraw bottle sold provides safe water for a child in need for a year, thanks to the company’s Give Back programme.

Available from APA Outdoor Shop

Reusable Bubble Tea Cups & Coffee Cups

If you’re a bubble tea lover, you should really think about getting a dedicated reusable bubble tea cup. All those single-use plastic cups and straws can really add up and there are now plenty of reusable cups that can still show off your drink, giving you that typical BBT experience.

Elephant Cuppa

Source: @elephantcuppa / Instagram

Elephant Cuppa hails from Taiwan, just like our beloved bubble tea drink. It has a built-in slit and comes with two straw sizes for boba and regular drinks. The wide mouth and leakproof lid makes it easy to clean, and it’s surprisingly lightweight too.

Available from Elephant Cuppa

Reusable BBT Cup

Source: @reusablebbtcup / Instagram

The Reusable BBT Cup is a Vancouver-based company founded by a couple who loves bubble tea. They have three designs: the original, bamboo lid and leak-proof insulated cup. Their shipping is plastic-free and the cups are made-to-order, which does slightly lengthen processing and shipping time but ensures minimal waste along the way.

Available from Reusable BBT Cup

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Where to find water refill stations in Hong Kong

Now that you’re armed with the perfect reusable water bottle, you just need to find a water source to refill your bottle. Here are some helpful apps and websites for finding refill locations wherever you are:

撲水 - Water for Free
Source: 撲水 – Water for Free / Facebook

Water For Free: The Water for Free app collects and lists all the water fountain locations across the whole of Hong Kong.

Tap: Tap has a database of over 50,000 water refill points across 7,300 cities around the world.

Refill: Refill is a UK-based app with a global map of places offering free water refills, plus coffee shops that give discounts for bringing your own cup.

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