Good News: Arnold Schwarzenegger Vows To ‘Terminate Pollution’

Ahead of the sixth annual Austrian World Summit this summer, which takes place in Vienna on 14 June 2022, Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a commitment to “terminate pollution.”

Source: The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

The summit is organised by the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative and is an important environmental networking event that connects key decision makers from the corporate world to NGOs and government bodies to collaborate on sustainable projects.

First launched by Schwarzenegger and Austrian ecologist Monika Langthaler in 2017, the Austrian World Summit aims to fully implement the aims of the Paris Agreement, with previous speakers including climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Watch Schwarzenegger’s video message below:

These days, people are suffering from climate anxiety more than ever thanks to the pandemic, but the Terminator star has an uplifting message for us all.

Source: The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

“At this year’s summit, we will learn from the past, but not dwell on it. Instead of doom and gloom, we will show the world that change is possible.”

He continues, “Together, we can terminate pollution and stop climate change.”

Learn more about the Austrian World Summit

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