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8 Reusable Bubble Tea Bottles For Your Boba Addiction

So you’ve already got yourself a reusable water bottle and coffee cup – but when it comes to your bbtea (aka. bubble tea) addiction, not just any bottle will do. To avoid wasting another one of those tall, single-use plastic cups sealed in plastic, not to mention the extra wide straw and plastic wrap it comes in, we’ve rounded up eight super cute reusable bubble tea bottles to accommodate your favourite boba drink (plus all its fixings)!

Boba Pearl Tumbler

boba pearl tumbler
Source: Boba Pearl

Developed in Hong Kong by two young girls, Charlie and Lovis, Boba Pearl is for all the eco-minded boba lovers out there. These stylish, sleek tumblers are made from food-grade stainless steel with a double-walled, vacuum insulated body to ensure your drink remains hot or cold for hours, with a wide straw opening to accommodate all your precious pearls.

The Boba Pearl Tumbler also conveniently fits most cup holders and has a durable matte finish to withstand travel and any mode of transportation. Best of all, for each cup purchased, one tree will be planted in a mangrove forest to reduce and remove carbon from the air, through the ecological non-profit, SeaTrees.

Available at Boba Pearl and Slowood

Elephant Cuppa Eco Tumbler

Source: @elephantcuppa/Instagram

Of course a boba tumbler from the Land of Boba (Taiwan) would have all your boba-drinking needs covered. Elephant Cuppa, a Taipei-based company, is on a mission to reduce single-use products with its ingenious reusable, portable and boba-friendly tumbler. At only five ounces, the Cuppa weighs less than a smartphone and is smartly leak-proof and dust-proof so you can use it to transport snacks, water and other non-boba liquids too: think of it as a Tupperware, water bottle and boba carrier in one.

The patented lid can accommodate wide and standard width straws with a screw on top that can also cover your straw if you want to enjoy your drink on the go. Made with BPA-free and heat-resistant Ecozen plastic, the cup and lid are easy to clean and each set comes with two straws as well as a brush for keeping your straws clean. 

Available at Elephant Cuppa and Green Common

Reusable BBT Cup

reusable bubble tea cup
Source: Reusable BBT/Facebook

Upgrade your BB tea game with Reusable BBT. Born in British Columbia, the Reusable BBT is a reusable glass cup, available with a BPA-free plastic lid, with a boba-friendly straw hole, or a bamboo lid with a rubber ring for insulation that accommodates boba straws. The beauty of these cups are in their customisability – you can choose your lid type and colour, and accessorise your tea cup with stickers and even your straw colour.

Each cup, which comes with a stainless steel BBT Straw and a straw brush so you’re never without your reusable boba gear. We love that Reusable BBT doesn’t use any plastic in their shipping too. Pro-tip: their entire store is 20% off this month!

Available at Reusable BBT and on Etsy

Cuppé Bubble Tea Tumbler

cuppe bubble tea cup

Too many reusable bottles, too little time? Try the Cuppé Bubble Tea Tumbler, created by a trio of girls inspired by a love for the ocean and the environment in their native Borneo, the rise of bubble tea shops in their home city of Melbourne led them to dream up a bubble tea cup that was equal parts responsible and stylish. The Cuppé is a handcrafted glass tumbler made from premium borosilicate glass that’s designed to be used throughout the day.

The BPA-free dual-use lid has a handy flippable cover so you can sip with or without a straw, and it makes the tumbler leak-proof too. A food-grade silicone band provides extra grip and protection for hot and cold drinks so you can enjoy icy cold infused water or a piping hot cuppa. 

Available at Cuppé

BobaMate Boba Bottle

bobamate bottle
Source: BobaMate/Facebook

To minimise the pain of carrying around a reusable straw, bottle and straw brush, BobaMate Boba Bottle’s 3-in-1 design integrates a movable, reusable straw into the bottle for added convenience. A pop-top lid keeps the straw and opening concealed from germs and bacteria, and comes with a fold-away handle so you can carry your bottle with ease.

If you love fresh fruit or special toppings, the bottle’s curved base is cleverly designed so your toppings gravitate toward the centre while the straw can be moved 360° so no topping goes to waste. Each bottle is made with a glass-like plastic called Tritan, meaning its shatter-resistant and durable, and has a steel-based with wood paint for a little extra flourish. Added bonus? BobaMate now offers carbon neutral shipping!

Available for pre-order at BobaMate

FLOAT Boba Cup

float bubble tea cup
Source: FLOAT Boba Cup

With FLOAT Boba Cup, get your boba as Bond would: shaken, not stirred. Made in Taiwan, this unique cup truly elevates the boba experience with a special ellipse-shaped cap that enables boba and tea to flow in equal proportion: the cap has an inner cup which holds the boba or solid toppings, so they don’t float to the bottom and stuck beneath the ice.

The inner cap also acts as a filter to let tea through as well, so you get a more balanced sip with equal liquid and topping at just the right temperature! The outside of the cup is also curved for greater grip and the body of the cup is made with Tritan plastic for optimal durability and insulation.

Available at Pinkoi

Bobbleware Tea Tumbler 

Source: Bobbleware/Facebook

BYOBoba with this stylish and functional bubble tea tumbler! Along with its very pleasing range of pastel colours, the compact shape and leak-proof top of the Bobbleware Tea Tumbler is perfect for those who tend to keep their bottle in a backpack, gym bag or tote.

This tumbler comes in two sizes depending on how much you love your boba and a snazzy velvet travel bag and cleaning brush are included for maintaining your Tritan plastic straw. The BPA-free lid is available with or without a straw-hole, if you want to convert your bottle to be strictly straw-free. 

Available at Bobbleware

CARA Boba (Bubble Tea) Tumbler

cara bubble tea tumbler
Source: CARA Boba Tea Tumbler/Facebook

If you’re going to invest in a reusable boba cup, why not go all the way with a little personalisation? Proudly designed in Singapore, CARA’s Boba Tea Tumbler comes in either stainless steel, with a mug-like design for cup holders, or a resin-based version, with a standard tapered shape. Both versions utilise double walled insulation to keep your drink hot for up to 12 hours, or cold for up to 24 hours.

You can order customised wording for the outside of your tumbler, which is printed with permanent waterproof vinyl that is also UV-resistant.

Available at The Cara Company

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