8Shades’ Gift Guide: Sustainable Gift Ideas For Kids

Trying to bring your kids on your journey to environmental consciousness? Start with the things they use all the time, like their clothes and toys. And what better time to do this than Christmas? With these sustainable gift ideas, your kids will enjoy hours of fun, while soaking up your eco-habits.

Milimilu Girl’s Dress

Source: Milimulu

Milimilu is a Hong Kong-based online sustainable clothing and accessories retailer with products made from eco-friendly, long-lasting materials. This pretty dress, made from 100% organic cotton, can be worn in spring, when the weather isn’t too humid, or in the winter, paired with tights and a jacket.

Available at Milimilu

Happy Baton Toy Box Subscription

toy subscription box
Source: Happy Baton

Have you bought your child a toy, only for them to get bored of it in a week and demand another one? If this situation is all too real, perhaps you should consider a toy box subscription, like Happy Baton. They have subscription options for a range of ages, starting from six months to four years, and each box is filled with fun, educational toys for your little one. After four weeks, you send the box back and get another one filled with different toys, keeping them in circularity and reducing waste.

Get it at happybaton.com.hk

2°EAST Sustainable Watch

sustainable watch for christmas

These cute watches from 2°EAST are made with the planet in mind; each strap is made with one recycled plastic bottle, the ion plating is applied using a zero-waste process and the packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable paper and board and eco-friendly ink. Plus, they have a range of colourful and interchangeable straps!

Get it at 2degreeseast.com

Yum Me Play Climate Change Book/Puzzle

climate change puzzle and book
Source: Yum Me Play

Teach your kids about the North and the South Pole and how climate change is affecting these environments and the animals that live there with this beautifully illustrated book and puzzle combo. Suitable for ages six and up. 

Get it at yumme.com.hk

Pepper & Mint Handmade Baby Shoes

baby shoes
Source: Pepper & Mint

These gorgeous baby shoes from Pepper & Mint are hand-drawn with watercolour paint and then printed onto handcrafted shoes using non-toxic ink. Each shoe is made with 100% cotton, linen and anti-slip soles. Plus, part of the sales is donated to a charity called Volunteer For the Visayans, which is based in the Philippines and committed to promoting child welfare, education and public health. 

Get it at pepperandmintboutique.com

Herboo Seed Growing Box

seed growing kit sustainable gift ideas for christmas
Source: Selfridges

Teach your kids the wonders of growing their own food with this starter kit containing everything you need to grow your own pumpkins, sunflowers and radishes. 

Get it at Selfridges.com

Mr Car Cotton Boys’ Pajama Set

eco pajama set
Source: Organic Mom

This pajama set from Mr Car is soft, breathable and hypoallergenic. Made from 100% cotton and featuring a cute trucks and dinosaurs print, your little one will have the sweetest of dreams.

Get it at organicmom.com.hk

Brio Wooden Train Set

sustainable gifts for kids
Source: Baby Online

This train set from Brio is really cool: it has a record and play function, so as the engine passes through the tunnel, it automatically plays your recorded sound. You can also pair the engine with an app and customise the sound further. Made from responsibly-sourced wood, this train set is bound to keep your child occupied for hours! Suitable for ages three and up. 

Get it at babyonline.com.hk


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