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8Shades’ Gift Guide: For Yogis

Shopping for a yogi this holiday season? There’s no need to bend over backwards to find the right gift. Since yoga is all about connecting with ourselves and Mother Nature, it only makes sense to use items that are also good for the planet. With Christmas coming up, here’s a roundup of planet-friendly gifts that any yogi will love:


yoga matters yoga mat
Source: Yoga Matters
Yoga Matters Eco Cork Yoga Mat

You may have seen this Eco Cork mat in some yoga studios already and it’s popular for a reason. Made from Oak Tree cork and sustainable rubber, this mat is vegan, recyclable and biodegradable. The mat also has antibacterial properties because cork bark has the ability to eradicate germs and bacteria. Our favourite part is that the mat’s grip improves as we start to sweat, perfect for a juicy, dynamic yoga flow. 

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good days activewear
Source: Good Days Activewear
Good Days Activewear 

Founder of Good Days Libby Perry launched the brand to make high quality, sustainable active wear more accessible. Its activewear fabrics all contain various levels of recycled plastics from bottles, fishing nets and nylon carpets. Designed to be versatile, you can wear it for your yoga practice or when you decide to go on a jog or an autumn hike! Good Days’ biker shorts with pockets is a crowd favourite. Each piece also comes with a beautiful non-toxic and compostable cassava starch bag made in Bali. 

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mystic wolf sustainable yoga products
Source: Mystic Wolf
Mystic Wolf Crystals

Mystic Wolf places huge emphasis on ethical sourcing, especially because it will affect the crystal’s energy. The founders went through a long process to find miners who extract crystals in a way that minimises environmental harm. They also use completely eco-friendly packaging, including dissolvable peanuts and biodegradable paper bubbles. 

Check out Mystic Wolf’s guide to crystals here

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Source: 24Bottles
24 Bottles 

Hydration is so important throughout the day, especially during and after a dynamic practice. Every time you fill your 24 Bottle instead of buying a disposable plastic bottle, you prevent 0.08kg of Co2 from being released into the atmosphere (this is what the -0.08 means at the bottom of each bottle!). 24 Bottles also offsets their Co2 emissions by planting a range of trees in their forest. There’s no shortage of bottle designs to choose from; right now, we are loving their floral collection!  

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wood co candles
Source: Wood Co
Wood Co Candle 

Hand poured in small batches by a Hong Kong based mother and daughter duo, Wood Co is a local candle brand set out to ‘capture a moment in time’. Wood Co is one of the few candle brands providing candle refills; all you need to do is photograph your jars, then mail them to Wood Co to get them refilled! As autumn kicks in, you might want to snuggle up with a cup of tea and one of their spiced citrus or night light candles.

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Source: Ananda Soul Jewellery
Ananda Soul Jewellery

Ananda Soul was borne out of founder Christina’s deep desire to combine her love of art, mother earth, Bali’s rich culture and her intentions to empower women. Each piece of jewellery is blessed at a Balinese ceremony before being sent out to the world!

In line with their deep commitment to respect land and culture, all of Ananda’s jewellery is ethically sourced and made of low impact or recycled material. Ananda also donates 10% of sale proceeds to the local community who helped to produce Ananda jewellery. 

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sustainable yoga brands
Source: Made in Peru Palo Santo
Made in Peru Palo Santo 

Did you know that Palo Santo literally means ‘holy stick’ in Spanish? Since it is a sacred tree that is only found in specific parts of South America and is also known as ‘The Wood of the Saints’. Made in Peru works with small farmers who only pick dry branches and sticks from areas approved by the regional government, ensuring that the Palo Santo trees can have continued life.

You can find all forms of Palo Santo on their site, from incense cones to windproof burners! 

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sustainable yoga products
Source: SORA
Sora Towel 

The SORA towel is a perfect choice if you need a towel that can ‘do it all’. Made from recycled fabrics that are GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified, SORA towels are highly absorbent, lightweight, anti-microbial and has a moisture activated grip. The two founders collaborate with artists around the world to create unique designs for their capsule collections. One of our favourites is the ‘Fervor’ collection, where SORA teamed up with Mexican artist duo to create a series inspired by their countries undulating landscapes and vibrant colours. 

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