8 Sustainable Lip Products With Plastic-Free Packaging

Trying to make conscious habits in the lip department? While you make the decision to gloss your lips, it’s worth knowing that over 1 billion plastic tubes end up in landfills and oceans annually.

Pledge to live a more sustainable lifestyle by eliminating single-use plastics with your beauty choices. Here are eight versatile and sustainable lip products that nourish while offering a guilt-free experience.

Poppy & Pout: Lip Balm

Source: Poppy & Pout

Quench your lips with a choice of ten different sweet and fruity lip balms from Poppy & Pout. Each is made with beeswax, sunflower oil and organic coconut oil to achieve a luscious pout. Each balms is hand-poured into a thoughtfully-crafted recyclable cardboard tube, with the majority of its packaging able to biodegrade within three months.     

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Ethique: So Cocoa Lip Balm

Source: Ethique

Ethique gives you the chance to achieve healthy-looking lips with a delicious chocolate aftertaste, thanks to the addition of fair trade cocoa butter. Its formula uses moringa, jojoba and castor oils to seal your lips with moisture. Not only is this product fully plastic-free and home compostable, but the brand also pledges to plant a tree with each order — making your purchase even more enjoyable.  

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Hurraw: Coconut Lip Balm

Source: Hurraw

A blend of oils extracted from safflower, olive and sunflower finished with rich, raw coconut oil brings a natural sweetness that coats your lips with vegan goodness. Made to fit in your pocket or a small purse, this lip balm comes encased in a slim slider tin for easy application.

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WinkiZinc: Lip & Cheek Tint

Source: WinkiZinc

With its inclusion of SPF30, this balm caters for outdoor enthusiasts at heart. The product is formulated as a lip and cheek stain to achieve an understated sun-kissed look. WinkiZinc offers three different shades, with each product using pure cold-pressed and unprocessed ingredients packaged in biodegradable tubes.   

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Axiology: Vegan Multi-Use Balmie Set

Source: Axiology

Axiology’s lip-to-lid balm set comes fashioned as crayons for an easy, blendable application for eyes, lips and cheeks. The palette is inspired by desert spices, from cherry to golden camel, to suit your shifting moods. Each is crafted with nine natural ingredients, including hemp and plum oil, to nourish and hydrate skin.   

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Eco Roots: Zero Waste Lip Balm

Source: Eco Roots

Eco Roots’ lip balm formulation is entirely plant-based, making it totally vegan. Cacao and mango butter are the hero ingredients of their recipe, making this product smoother and thicker, with an inviting tropical scent.

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Rituals: Fortune Balm in Red

Source: Rituals

A certified B corporation, Rituals aims to find refillable and recyclable solutions for all their products. This 100% naturally formulated lip balm moisturises and conditions dry and damaged lips, while offering a swoosh of colour with a shade of soft red.

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La Bouche Rouge: Matte Lipstick Refill in Pop Art Red

Source: La Bouche Rouge

French brand La Bouche Rouge allows you to embody a femme fatale persona with its delectable range of creamy lipsticks made with long-lasting pigments. Redefining luxury, the brand educates its shoppers by creating a plastic-free leather case for its lipstick or balm refills; these are handcrafted in France with excess leather from a vetted tannery, for a Parisian touch.

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