Giveaway: Have a Vegan Easter with our pals at The Cakery

Hands up if you’re vegan, suffer from a dairy allergy or are just trying to be a little bit healthier this month?

Fret not, you can indulge over Easter too this year thanks to Cakery, 8Shades’ favorite guilt free bakery. Not only is their Easter egg vegan, it’s actually so gorgeous on the eyes, you might not want to eat it!

This isn’t like your ordinary bar of plain vegan chocolate my friends, this Easter egg is so awesome it’s even hiding a surprise inside. For all of you who have missed out for so long, now we can really indulge.

It’s no secret that the dairy industry causes significant environmental damage which is comprised of land clearing, increasing greenhouse gas emissions from industrially farmed cows methane and excessive water usage. So even if you’re not vegan, just by eating vegan chocolate this year instead of conventional chocolate, you are actively taking a step towards making the world a shade greener.

8Shades is about the small changes, not about giving up guilty pleasures.

This Easter 8Shades will be gifting two of Cakery’s Large Easter Egg’s (HK$588) to our Instagram competition winners. As if the Egg wasn’t enough of an incentive, we are also giving away two of their newest vegan Picnic Basket’s (HK$618) which for the lucky winners, will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Click here to enter NOW!

This vegan Easter egg really has to be seen to be believed. Dressed in a cheerful ombre yellow and decorated with a trail of fondant flowers and a surprise center of twenty four mini eggs, it’s sure to be a hit with the kids.

The Cakery’s new vegan Picnic Basket is a real treat and the perfect way to enjoy the sunny outdoors over the Easter holidays. While the purchase price is HK$618, please note that upon returning the basket to any of The Cakery outlets, HK$30 will be refunded back to you.

The picnic basket packs a full portable afternoon tea-style set for two, including savory vegan dishes such as Cauliflower Salad, Red Pesto Sweet Potato Sandwiches, Superfood Crackers with Cheese Dip, and Roasted Corn with Spicy Mayo, as well as some sweet vegan pastries to balance out the meal.

Sweets include Croissant, Mini Lemon Tarts, Mini Peanut Butter Chocolate Tarts, Vegan Mini Cupcakes, and Chocolate Dreamer Cupcakes. Wash it all down with some refreshing Organic Sodas.

Click through to our Instagram page here to enter the competition now!


You know that famous saying “stop and smell the flowers”? It’s a particularly good reminder right now especially to stop and appreciate what 2020 has bought us. While I sit back and practise being present, I’m reminded of those who have brought me joy last year in such a tough time. 

Flowers are definitely a top pick when I want to share some joy. They look and smell incredible, and they can say so much without uttering a word, like “I love you” or “I’m sorry”. As I get older and more committed to finding ways to protect and appreciate nature, I find the beauty of flowers in their natural environment (like in the wild) much more uplifting, than seeing them withering away in a vase at home. 

The local florists are all rushed off their feet with Valentine’s Day coming up, imagine the supply chains all around the world farming, clipping, packaging and shipping billions of beautiful bouquets to our local sellers, temporarily smelling divine then within weeks ending up in the garbage. While the traditional way of turning up with a surprise bouquet to your love shows them just how much you care is nice, there is now a new and creative “green” way to show you care.  

Yup, V Day LEGO’s a thing now

When I first saw LEGO’s botanical collection flower bouquet I wasn’t convinced of their sustainability credentials but when I scratched the surface I learned that their new range is made with sustainable bioplastics made from sugar cane.

Build more love

You know LEGO. Yes those little brick building toys we all love or loved at one point in our lives. My favourite new set is this LEGO flower bouquet. Not only is it more sustainable compared to fresh flowers, it is so much more unique and creative! Build it for your love or spark more joy by building it together.

What a creative way to gift flowers; not only do they last forever, you can spend time actually creating something for your love which in my opinion, is much more meaningful than just buying a bouquet from a shop – take it from a girl 😉 

For all you single girls out there, even better to gift yourself something fun and beautiful that will last forever.

Mum’s deserve some love too

Don’t worry, if V Day LEGO flower giving isn’t your thing, Mother’s Day is also coming up. I know my Mum would love the nostalgia of watching (and laughing) at me building her LEGO bouquet. How thoughtful can a daughter get? 

As complicated as it looks, don’t let that put you off. Instructions are included and it’s a good way to give your right brain a good workout. 

Let’s all consider showing our love the “green” way this year. 

8Shaders, you can be one of the lucky ones and win this LEGO flower bouquet, just check out the giveaway on IG for details. Happy V Day! 

Hope and Love, Emily x