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8 Instagrammers To Follow For Delicious Plant-based Recipes

With the ongoing restrictions, there’s no better time to experiment with some plant-based cooking at home. Not only can cooking be extremely meditative and calming, it’s a chance to experiment with new flavours and textures – and develop new skills in the kitchen, too.

To help you out, we’ve scoured the internet for eight plant-based influencer chefs on Instagram to inspire you. If you’d like to supplement your cooking with some podcasts, we recommend Jessie Ware’s Table Manners or Chef Yottam Ottolenghi’s Simple Pleasures. Happy cooking!


Remi Park is a digital creator based in New York whose pink and mint-green tinted instagram account features gluten-free vegan recipes like GF Hotteok (Korean sweet pancakes) and tofu ‘chicken’ noodle soup. She also regularly shares wellness and sustainable lifestyle tips. We were immediately drawn to her butternut squash snickerdoodle recipe; and we especially love how Remi offers creative ideas on how to use leftovers!

Follow Remi Park on Instagram @veggiekins


Yang and Kathi (aka. @littlericenoodle) are a female duo who produce easy-to-follow recipes in their outdoor kitchen. They break down dishes like scallion pancakes and sea salt milk cap tea into simple steps, and the noodle lovers among us will especially love their sour spicy noodles.

Follow Yang and Kathi on Instagram @littlericenoodle


Woon Heng Chia is known for reinventing many of Asia’s signature dishes into plant-based versions. Her vegan lemon chicken and wontons in chili oil look amazing, and she has no doubt convinced many a carnivore to try going meatless. The resident Food52 contributor was even invited by Natalie Portman to cook dumplings together virtually!

Follow Woon Heng Chia on Instagram @woon.heng


Toronto-based Lisa Kitahara (aka. @okonomikitchen) is both a vegan foodie and gym junkie who explores her Japanese-Chinese heritage through dishes such as Toshikoshi soba and Warabi mochi. We love how she shows herself tasting each dish after cooking – it makes us want to try her recipes even more!

Follow Lisa Kitahara on Instagram @okonomikitchen


Award-winning blogger and recipe developer Richa Hingle shares many traditional and inventive dishes on Instagram. From potato quinoa waffles to Indo-Chinese fried rice, Richa also helps followers maintain a balanced diet with her iron-rich and high-protein guides.

Follow Richa Hingle on Instagram @veganricha


Creating vegan dishes is only one of the many things that Joanne Molinaro, aka. @thekoreanvegan pursues. She is also an attorney, athlete and Tiktok star who reimagines vegan versions of Korean crowd favourites, like ricepaper stuffed tteokbokki and vegan Korean fried chicken. Her motto says it all: ‘I veganize Korean Food. I Koreanize everything else.’

Follow Joanne Molinaro on Instagram @thekoreanvegan


Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef George Lee started experimenting with vegan Taiwanese dishes during lockdown, which reignited the love for cooking he had as a child and motivated him to focus on plant-based cooking. On his website, you’ll find signature Taiwanese dishes like flaky scallion pancakes and street food favourites such as sesame liang pi noodles.

Follow George Lee on Instagram @chez.jorge


Liz Miu’s energetic, fun personality definitely comes through her Instagram posts. Her recipes are wide ranging, meaning you’ll find anything from vegan ramen and kimchi pancakes to key lime pies and fugly delicious blueberry ripple cheesecake. We’d say yes to a cooking session with Liz any day!

Follow Liz Miu on Instagram @itslizmiu

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