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Go Natural: Eco-friendly Deodorants That Actually Work

In hot and humid Hong Kong, an effective deodorant is a must, but do you know what you’re really slathering or spraying onto your underarms?

Traditional antiperspirants and two-in-one deodorant-antiperspirants use aluminum for its ability to effectively stop sweat and reduce perspiration. However, this ingredient has also raised health concerns for being potentially linked to issues like breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss. 

So, it’s no surprise that more and more folks are now opting for natural and chemical-free deodorants that are often also packaged in a more eco-friendly manner. Stay fresh and odour-free with our pick of some of the best natural deodorants in Hong Kong:

The Herb Farm Ylang Ylang & Orange Deodorant Cream

herb farm deodorant
Source: Slowood

Hailing from New Zealand, this ingenious cream-style deodorant is one of the brand’s highest rated deodorising products. Packaged in a glass jar, the natural deodorant cream absorbs moisture whil preventing odor-causing bacteria through the use of baking soda and tapioca. Shea nut butter, calendula oils and coconut soothe and moisturise the underarm area. It’s free of aluminum and other chemical ingredients. 

Available at Slowood and Pimary

Aesop Déodorant

aesop deodorant
Source: Aesop

Aesop’s unisex deodorant spray is a luxurious alternative to the chemical-laden deodorising sprays found at most drugstores. While aerosol sprays contain compressed gasses that are notorious for contributing to global warming, this butane and aerosol-free spray is a great way to slowly minimise your carbon footprint – the bottle is even made from 99.7% recycled plastic. Formulated with Zinc Rincinoleate and a selection of essential oils, it helps mask and reduce underarm odour with a slightly woody and herbaceous scent. 

Available at Aesop

Coconut Matter Probiotic Deodorant Sticks

coconut matter natural deodorant
Source: Coconut Matter

Coconut Matters hand crafts their vegan-friendly, toxin-free products right here in Hong Kong. The brand specialises in utilising 100% pure virgin coconut oil in each of their product lines and their deodorants, which are packaged in biodegradable cardboard tubes, are made with subtle, all-natural ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter and fruit extracts so you can glide this baby onto your skin without any hesitation. Choose from five scents to fit your mood.  

Available at Coconut Matter and Edgar

Erbaviva Deodorant Spray

erbaviva natural deodorant

California organic skincare brand erbaviva is now available in Hong Kong which means you can get your hands on their award-winning organic deodorant spray – an apparent favourite of Kourtney Kardashian (she loves the Jasmine and Grapefruit scent). The spray combats odours with organic essential oils and evaporates quickly with an organic grain alcohol to offer safe and effective bacterial and odour protection. It’s USDA Certified organic, and also paraben and sulfate-free. Spray it on fabric, carpets and yoga mat for a quick refresh. 

Available at 1010hope and Nourish Clean Beauty

ZeroYet100 Deodorant Aluminum Pot and Deodorant Push Up Stick

zero yet 100 natural deodorant
Source: Zero Yet100

Hong Kong’s ZeroYet100 has become a homegrown hit with its cruelty-free, chemical-free products, fashionably housed in beautiful mostly plastic-free packaging. Their natural deodorants are plant powered and created with gender-neutral scents that will keep anyone fresh while on the go. Choose from their aluminum pot, which is a scoopable version that can be applied as a light paste to dry skin with clean fingers or their small wooden applicator, or the push up stick, for easy swiping after the gym or on a hike. 

Available at ZeroYet100

Biork Potassium Crystal Deodorant Stick

biork natural deodorant
Source: LiveZero

Add a new crystal to your collection with a crystal deodorant stick. Crystal deodorant has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries, through the antimicrobial properties found in potassium alum, a natural mineral salt that creates a protective layer preventing the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Biork’s crystal stick is dermatologically tested and purports to provide 24-hour protection against sweat odour, just rinse it under water and apply it to your underarm like a roll-on deodorant. Perhaps the coolest thing about it is the cork packaging – the no-waste, compostable material is buoyant, flame-retardant and impermeable to keep your sweat stopper free from the elements.

Available at LiveZero

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