It’s our Sustain-iversary!

Yes, it’s true, 8Shades is turning ONE this year and we’d love for you to join us in celebrating our sustain-iversary!

Here’s how you can help make the world #1shadegreener:

1. Sign up as an 8Shader

If you’re passionate about sustainability, be sure to sign up to become part of the 8Shades community. As an 8Shader, you’ll be updated first on our latest news, events and giveaways – and even get exclusive access to special drops.

And, to celebrate our 1st anniversary, we’ll be planting one tree via One Tree Planted for everyone who signs up using the form below:

Register here:

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2. Enter our giveaway

As a registered 8Shader, you’ll be eligible to enter our #1shadegreener giveaway from 18-25 February (eight consecutive days), where we’ll be giving away fantastic prizes daily on our Instagram account (@8shadesofficial)! Our prize sponsors include:

See all the prize details here!

When you see the giveaway posts on IG, be sure to share them onto your IG stories, as we’ll be planting one tree for every share between 18-25 February!

3. Post something green on Instagram

For our extra green 8Shaders, here’s the ultimate challenge for our #1shadegreener celebration that might just land you a 1-night staycation at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong!

All you have to do is:

1. Post a photo or video on Instagram of you doing something green!

Some ideas:

  • Show us your favourite houseplant
  • Take a snap of your reusable water bottle or coffee cup
  • Tell us your best recycling tips
  • Take a selfie against a green backdrop
  • Capture scenes of greenery in Hong Kong

2. Use this caption (or any variation of it) and tag 2 friends: 

I’m joining @8shadesofficial in making the world #1shadegreener! 

In celebration of their 1-year “sustain-iversary”, 8Shades will be planting one tree for every IG post tagged #1shadegreener! 

I challenge @friend1 and @friend2 to join me in this meaningful eco challenge. No matter your shade of green, let’s make a difference together! 

3. Be sure to add the following tags and hashtags: 


That’s it! By doing so, you’ll be in the running to win a 1-night staycation at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong – and we’ll be planting one (1) tree for every #1shadegreener post shared on IG stories and eight (8) trees for every post that shows up on the feed.

Note: Make sure that your profile is set to public so that we can see your posts. Multiple entries are allowed until 25 February 2022, 11:59PM HKT. The lucky winner will be contacted by DM on 28 February!

Look out for more ways to help make the world #1shadegreener on our Instagram account @8shadesofficial! We can’t wait to make the world (starting with our IG accounts) a shade or two greener together.

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