Grow Your Own Way

Gardening isn’t just for those with access to outdoor space; indeed, as urban dwellers, we need to find nifty ways to make use of our more compact, mostly indoor spaces. Not only is it utterly satisfying to unearth your green fingers – pun intended – but it can also vastly improve your day-to-day life and help save the environment.

For starters, anything that gets us off our phones is considered a winner! There is something incredibly rewarding about creating things with your very own hands and watching the fruits of your labour flourish (oops I punned again). A guaranteed stress reliever, it’ll give your weary brain a break from daily stressors as you concentrate on the task at hand. You can make it a solo or a team effort – get the kids involved.

When it comes to what you should grow, let’s start off slowly. An herb garden is simple: there’s minimal commitment in terms of “real estate” and upkeep; it’s cost-effective; and it says goodbye to that nasty plastic packaging shop-bought herbs come in. Plus, how can you beat the freshness? The easiest herbs to grow indoors include parsley, coriander, chives, basil and thyme. Moreover, sprouting is even easier and it’s even more cost effective!  Another perk is that sprouting increases vitamin B and C and also the fibre content…. talk about benefits!

So, take your pick from seeds, legumes and beans, with mung beans, alfalfa and lentils being the best for beginners.  But you can pretty much sprout anything – from Chia seeds to onions, and even chickpeas or kale…if you’re feel a bit more adventurous!