Where to Donate Used Clothing, Furniture, Toys and More in Hong Kong

Whether you are cleaning up ahead of Chinese New Year or doing your annual Marie Kondo, there are plenty of ways to make it a greener and more meaningful experience.

Cleaning and decluttering gives you the chance to go further in your sustainability journey by practicing the three ‘R’s: recycle, re-use, and re-purpose. In fact, there’s a fourth ‘R’ which stands for re-home, since you can easily find new homes for your unwanted goods and therefore help others in need.

Read on to see where you can donate and drop-off your pre-loved items in Hong Kong. Of course, if you would like to help with more than just donations, these organisations also welcome financial support as well.

1. The Salvation Army

Source: The Salvation Army

One of Hong Kong’s oldest charitable institutions, The Salvation Army accepts clothing and various home goods, which they distribute to people in need including senior citizens and street sleepers.

Donated goods are also sold across their 17 Family Stores across Hong Kong, which help fund their many community programmes. These Family Stores double as collection points for your donations, or you can also choose from any of the 200 drop-off points around the territory.

Learn more at salvationarmy.org.hk

2. PathFinders

Source: PathFinders/Facebook

As the only Hong Kong charity dedicated to supporting children born to migrant domestic workers, PathFinders is always in need of baby items such as clothing or diapers (note that don’t accept toys, books, or prams), and resources for mums including sanitary items, blankets and even maternity wear (check out their list of recommended supplies and drop off locations).

In addition to donations, they also run a full programme for the mum and baby, including healthcare management, child development, legal education, and preparation for home country integration.

Learn more at pathfinders.org.hk

3. Caritas Community Centre

Source: Caritas/Facebook

Founded by the Catholic Church of Hong Kong in 1953, Caritas-Hong Kong’s initial mission was to address the social hardships that resulted from the Second World War.

Since then, the institution has evolved into a full-fledged NGO that serves the different sectors of the community through social work services, education, medical care, and community development. They accept houseware, apparel, toys and garments for distribution and for sale at their annual Charity Bazaar fundraising event – just pop by any of their Community Centres.

Learn more at caritas.org.hk

4. Castaways Charity Shop

Source: St. John’s Cathedral

This thrift shop, which St. John’s Cathedral lovingly calls its “Nearly New Charity Shop,” is located within the cathedral grounds in Central. They accept any type of clothing, handbags, household items and appliances and various bric-a-bracs every Wednesday to Friday, from 12nn to 2pm. Managed by the women’s group CLARES, the shop distributes funds raised from selling these items to various local charities.

Learn more at stjohnscathedral.org.hk

5. Crossroads Foundation

Source: Crossroads Foundation

Now in their 27th year, Crossroads Foundation is a long-standing NGO that continues to serve the local community and people in need around the world. Through its Global Distribution program, it accepts household appliances, desks, stationeries, children and adult clothing, and even school desks and chairs at its drop off point in Tuen Mun.

Not sure if they will accept your item? Not a problem – just head on to GoodCity.hk, take a picture of your item and submit it for a live review.

Learn more at crossroads.org.hk

6. Mother’s Choice

Mother’s Choice
Source: Mother’s Choice/Facebook

Focused on helping thousands of orphans and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong, Mother’s Choice wants to change the future of these vulnerable individuals and place every child into a loving family. In line with their mission, they are always on the look out for baby items including bottles, nappies, mats, and clothing, as well as perishable items like juice, cereals, or snacks. You can even let them know what you’d like to donate and they’ll inform you if it’s something they actually need.

Learn more at motherschoice.org

7. DB Mothers and Friends

Source: DB Mothers & Friends

If you are located in Discovery Bay, contact Nikki Boutellier of DB Mothers & Friends. This social enterprise welcomes any goods – clothing, beddings, furniture, appliances, and etc. – anything that can be used by low-income families in Hong Kong, including refugees and asylum seekers. Boutellier organises regular pickups in the island resort and provides job opportunities to unemployed or low-income individuals by hiring them for the move.

Learn more at facebook.com

8. Kids4Kids

Kids4Kids team
Source: @kids4kidshk/Instagram

Want to empower your kids to be change makers? Start them off by instilling in them the value of charity. Have them sort out their unwanted books, clothing, toys, or sports equipment then pack them up and drop it off at their Wan Chai office. But be sure to reach out to Kids4Kids first to see what exactly they need as youth leaders will decide on a cause they want to support.

Learn more at kids4kids.org.hk

9. Refugee Union

Source: Refugee Union

Refugees in Hong Kong are in need of supplies on a constant basis because they are prohibited by law from working, and their allowance of HK$3,200 per month is barely enough to get by with.

They regularly need clothes, shoes, milk formula, diapers, kitchenware, appliances, laptops and more. Contact them ahead of time via WhatsApp or Telegram +852 9828 7176 for details and how to donate.

Learn more at refugeeunion.org/support

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