Trick or Treat: 8 Sustainable Sweets for Halloween

Halloween is definitely an excuse to indulge in some sweet treats, but as much as they make us happy, they’re not always good for the planet. Like many consumer food products, sweets can be harmful to the planet depending on how they are produced and packaged.

For example, some candies are made from raw materials that are unethically sourced, meaning the workers involved in production may be working in poor conditions and may not be paid fairly.

The cocoa industry is notoriously opaque and has been linked to many instances of modern slavery. Luckily, brands such as Tony’s Chocolonely are on a mission to end this by committing to make chocolate that is 100% slave free.

Rest assured, there are sweets that are more planet-friendly. We’ve put together a list of some sustainable chocolate and candy brands in Hong Kong to indulge in this Halloween: 


Tony’s Chocolonely 

Tony’s Chocolonely may have bold packaging, but they have an even bolder mission: to make chocolate 100% slave free. The company works closely with their cocoa farmers to ensure they are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. 

Where to find them: Feather & Bone


Loving Earth Vegan Chocolate

Loving Earth Vegan Chocolate is a delicious plant-based chocolate that’s ethically sourced and made from wholesome ingredients. Our favourite is the Mint Dark Chocolate Bar!

Where to find them: The Store, Slowood 



These chocolate bars check all the boxes. They’re organic, refined sugar free and wrapped in plastic-free packaging. Nucao also plants one tree in Madagascar per product sold!  

Where to find them: Nood


Vegan Happy Gummies by Green Common 

Green Common’s own gummy label ‘Happy Gummies’ are a fruity delight. They’re vegan and made of all-natural fruit juice, with no artificial colours or flavours. 

Where to find them: All Green Common stores in Hong Kong 


Jealous Sweets

Jealous Sweets’ mission is to make ‘shamelessly tasty’ sweets by using plant-based, gluten-free and sugar-free ingredients, we think they’re doing pretty amazing so far! All of their sweets come in colourful, recyclable bags.

Where to find them: HKTV Mall 


Just Wholefoods Vegebears

If you’re a fellow gummy bear lover, you’ll appreciate Vegebears! They’re 100% plant based, organic and free of any artificial ingredients. They come in pastel recyclable packaging too!  

Where to find them: One Vegan Shop


The Carob Bear

Australian brand The Carob Kitchen’s Carob bear is almost too cute to eat. They’re made from Australian grown carob and real cocoa butter, making them super smooth and perfectly chocolatey.   

Where to find them: Foodcraft


Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

Dandies’ plant-based marshmallows are gluten free and contain no corn syrup, artificial flavours or gelatin. Whether toasted, inside a s’more or in hot chocolate, it’s hard to say no to a fluffy Dandies marshmallow!

Where to find them: Foodcraft

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