They Came Running

With little access to gyms and studios these days, we have had to take it upon ourselves to work out our own fitness plans and whether you’re a keen runner, a lover of hiking trails or simply a weekend stroller, it’s still vital to nail down a supportive, reliable pair of trainers to see you through. We need to be more responsible when it comes to consumption, as well as selecting brands that have a sustainability ethos similar to ours. What this means is researching what materials and dyes are being used, that they are manufactured under strict ethical conditions and striving to change our own habits by purchasing high quality shoes that don’t have us running out the door to replace them at the drop of a hat. 

All Birds first came to light in an ironic turn, by taking the world of fashion by storm, favoured for its sleek, sartorially-sound designs that blended in seamlessly into daily wear, whether you were rocking leggings or workwear. However, its origins and story must not be disregarded, as it is what sets All Birds apart from the rest. With Mother Nature at the very core of its vision, founder Tim Brown didn’t have to look far within his native land for a sign. The fact is, the ratio of sheep to humans was a six to one in New Zealand and their fine merino wool has long been shorn and crafted into countless products, celebrated for its lightweight, moisture-wicking qualities and breathability. The process used here, thanks to the wool, consumes 60% less energy than standard synthetic shoes.

All Birds also relies on recycled materials such as plastic bottles and cardboard, as well as castor bean oil to create its trainers. Their transparency regarding sustainability and carbon footprint is broken down for an easy-to-digest explanation for its customers. Its biggest sustainability goal is to simply be carbon neutral by eventually not emitting any carbon in the first place; a big ask for a shoe brand, but one they are confident they can achieve by working with renewable experts, maintaining transparency and holding each other accountable. Their Tree Dasher style has already achieved carbon neutrality and has been tested on professional athletes to pass the test when it comes to longevity and performance.