The Power of Your Dollar

Let’s not kid ourselves– are we ever going to stop shopping?  As sustainable as I try to be, social media can be controlling; tempting me and taunting me daily.  

But as I became more conscious of my personal sustainability impact, I try to fight that urge.  I take a deep breath and I tell myself to pay more attention to what I am purchasing and especially their ESG footprints. 

From food choices to clothing to daily household products, we are all presented with hundreds or even thousands of choices to make on a regular basis. Many consumers (including my prior self) typically focus on the brand (be it perception of quality, pre-existing brand loyalty, prestigiousness, other’s recommendations, etc.) but may not have taken into consideration the company and its product’s environmental impact. 

My view is that if I need to, or want to buy something, I should at least try to pick the option that is more ‘sustainable’ – to not only maximize the impact of my spending, but also use my purchase power to signal support to those companies that are making a bigger effort in ESG. For example, by buying clothing or shoes that are made from recycled materials; and if I am looking for gifts for my family and friends, either trying to find products that would help promote sustainability (i.e., utensil kits for dining out, reusable straw kits, wooden toys instead of plastic toys) or products that help others in need ( i.e., Toms, Feed, etc.). 

Finding the ‘right’ companies to support can be tricky, because as more and more companies are getting involved in this “ESG” journey, there could be some potential pitfalls (i.e., mislabelling, ‘greenwashing’, exaggerated marketing, etc.). So, ultimately, doing some basic research is important. In future posts, I plan on sharing with you what I’ve learnt from my research, as well as some brands and products that I believe are worth your attention for your next purchase. 

I would like to encourage you to do the same to the extent you can – don’t underestimate your spending power in making a difference! 

And as I’ve mentioned before, I am also hoping to learn more from this journey as well. So if you have any tips or knowledge that you would like to share with me to make my “eco” journey more effective, please do share them!  As much as I want to be a part of your sustainability journey, I want you to be a part of mine too.