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Weekly Eco Tip: Where To Refill Your Water Bottle in Hong Kong

Did you know that 5.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away in Hong Kong per day? That’s why it’s so important to bring a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go (and why we made it one of our #8Shades8Weeks weekly challenges!). Some companies in Hong Kong are making the transition a breeze with either refilling stations or resources to help you find these stations. 

The environmental impact of bottled water is staggering; to manufacture one bottle of water, three times the amount of water is used. And because of the chemical production of plastics, the water is mostly unusable. We hope that this guide to where to refill your (reusable) water bottle in Hong Kong will help you in making the transition away from single-use plastic bottles.


Water For Free

Water For Free is an app that maps out the water fountains and dispensers throughout Hong Kong on Google Maps. Since being launched in 2014, it has mapped out well over 1,000 water dispenser locations, between hiking trails, parks and private buildings. There’s a handy reporting feature, where you can note new fountains that you’ve come across, and you can also make suggestions on where you think a water dispenser should be installed. 

water for free app
Source: Water For Free app


Urban Spring

Urban Spring is on a mission to fight plastic pollution in Hong Kong with their unique, digital-forward refill #Wells placed across the city. Since 2017, the social enterprise has saved more than 6 million plastic bottles, preventing more than 10 million kgs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 

They also have a really cool membership scheme, where you buy a #Well bottle, scan a QR code to confirm your membership and then when you refill your bottle at #Well stations in partner stores, you get access to special offers! Their partners include Lane Eight, Misoup and One Stop Food Supply

urban spring
Source: Urban Spring

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Various MTR Stations

You can find the refilling facilities at 16 MTR stations across Hong Kong, including Admiralty, Prince Edward, Tung Chung, North Point and South Horizons. 

mtr refill water bottle hong kong
Source: Water For Free Via Facebook

Thankfully, more initiatives like the above are popping up around the city, supporting you in your efforts to dump plastic for good. All that’s needed on your part is your reusable water bottle and some effort!

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Weekly Eco Tip: Agnès B “We Love the Sea” Exhibition

Looking for something fun and eco to do this weekend? Every Friday, we give you a weekly eco tip to green your life. This weekend, we’re heading to the K11 Art Mall to check out agnès b.’s newest exhibition that highlights the importance of ocean conservation. 

Entitled “We Love the Sea,” agnès b. has partnered with the Tara Ocean Foundation and ocean NGO Ocean3C to curate the exhibition, which features video, educational materials from university partners, as well as art installations from featured artists and upcycled t-shirts for sale made by local celebrities and design students.

With the exhibition, agnès b. says that it wants to highlight how ocean pollution stems mostly from human activities, where massive amounts of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean, and land development. 

agnes b. exhibition
Source: agnès b

Using research from Hong Kong University’s Department of Earth Sciences and the Swire Institute of Marine Science, the exhibition shows the viewer how ocean pollution affects marine animals and their food chain in an interactive way in the hopes of encouraging them to start leading a more sustainable life. 

For the art installations, three artists- Suitman, Xeme and Go Hung- have created pieces on their interpretation of plastic consumption. Suitman has created an upcycled interactive sculpture made from styrofoam and secondhand speaker parts that broadcasts messages about protecting the ocean, Xeme has created an ocean-inspired mural art piece, while Go Hung has created a hanging art installation made from 15 plastic bottles with sea animals painted on them. 

The exhibition is also using local celebrities to further its message. Singer-songwriter and actor Alex Lam and actress Cecilia So have created upcycled t-shirts that will be on sale at the exhibition. To engage the youth on ocean conservation, agnès b also teamed up with the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) at HKU to host a t-shirt contest, where students were invited to create their own upcycled t-shirts inspired by ocean conservation.

upcycled t-shirts
Source: agnès b

Learn more about the exhibition and check it out yourself at the agnès b. RUE DE MARSEILLE Concept Store, G26, G28 &119 in K11 Art Mall from now until August 21.

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henderson rossana orlandi ifc mall exhibition banner

Weekly Eco Tip: Henderson Land x Rossana Orlandi exhibition

Looking for something fun and eco to do this weekend? Then you’ll love our latest series where we’ll be giving you a weekly eco tip every Friday to green up your life.

This week, head to ifc mall in Central to catch The Henderson Land Group’s newest exhibition that celebrates how waste can be upcycled into new and beautiful creation.

Entitled, “Henderson Land x Rossana Orlandi: Waste is Value Art & Design Exhibition,” the collection of 45 art and design pieces is curated by Rossana Orlandi, a renowned Italian gallerist and pioneer in design and sustainability. This is her first exhibition in Asia and we’re so excited that it’s for such a noble cause right here in the 852.

rossana orlandi
Source: Rossana Orlandi

Rossana says that she wanted the exhibition to help increase awareness on how to minimise waste. She says, “Plastic is not the problem; in our daily lives, there are plastics everywhere. However, we need to change the way we treat it. There are wiser and more innovative ways to reuse plastic, such as smart designs. Waste is not waste until we waste it.”

henderson land group exhibition
Source: Henderson Land Group

The exhibition aims to educate different generations in Hong Kong about responsible behaviours when it comes to waste. The pieces are arranged into four themes: “Go Green,” “Ro Plastic Prize,” “Iconic Upcycled Artwork” and “Marine Eco- life.” Each exhibition has its own story, which visitors can learn about by scanning the nearby QR code. 

henderson land group exhibition
Source: Henderson Land Group

Some of the interesting pieces at the exhibition include a curtain of recycled ocean plastic and the first-ever chair made from recycled bottles.

This exhibition definitely brings awareness to the massive amounts of waste produced in Hong Kong. Did you know that in 2019, more than 5.6 million tonnes of solid waste were generated? Of this, only 29% was recycled and the rest went to landfills. If the whole world lived like Hong Kong, we would need more than four planets to sustain us!

Learn more about the exhibition and make a visit yourself to the Oval Atrium, Level 1 of ifc mall from now until July 28. 

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