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is all plastic evil?

Is All Plastic Evil?


Plastic waste is undeniably one of the biggest issues of our time. But even though plastic has a bad rap, it’s not all evil. Here are some reasons why plastic can (sometimes) be good.


8-week Challenge: 8 Plant-based Milk Alternatives


8 Weeks  8 Challenges  8 Giveaways  Click here to enter week 2 and find out more now! Welcome to our second “challenge” on how you can take small and intentional steps towards a greener future. Enter above to be in with a chance of winning a huge gift box of the best healthy snacks from our […]


Hong Kong’s period poverty problem


“The Zubin Foundation found that 16% of girls in Hong Kong have missed school or work because they could not afford sanitary products.  It makes such a big difference to the lives of marginalized ethnic minority girls to be able to receive free sanitary products.   We are so pleased to be working with LUÜNA to […]


Menstruation stigma must stop. Period.


Most women menstruate for an average of forty years, approximately 2,400 days over the course of a lifetime!  In honor of menstrual hygiene day this May 28th, we are shining a light on the social and cultural beliefs surrounding menstruation, alongside some of the issues around mainstream period products. Even though menstruation is a natural […]


The new diet that has you eating for the planet


Labelled as “the optimal diet for people and planet”, the Planetary diet was commissioned in 2019 to tackle three global briefs: to feed a future population of 10 billion people in 2050, to champion a diet that is environmentally sustainable, and to reduce the number of deaths caused by poor diet around the world. This […]

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