February; the shortest month of the year made even more hectic by Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Check out our top 3 things to get you through this month:


No doubt we will be consuming meals on a more decadent scale this month, so it’s worth dedicating your education towards the world of food. Written by a chef called Dan Barber, The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food, forces us to rethink the farm-to-table movement that gained traction this last decade which was unsuccessfully in changing the standard American diet for the better. This book exposes how our food habits and culture are inextricably linked to the environment. 


With a month of gift giving and food sharing, we take a look at what chocolate we have fallen in love with. Conspiracy Chocolate was founded by an expat couple in Hong Kong, they focus on a bean-to-bar process which results in tailored chocolate crafting that aims for quality and nuances. Buying a bean-to-bar chocolate rewards and celebrates the cacao bean provenance, the farmers themselves and works towards treating cacao-growing regions in the world much like you would a vineyard. With enchanting flavours, such as Sourdough, Fermented Ghost Pepper and Chai, you’re guaranteed a delectable dessert course.


As mentioned, it’s going to be a hectic month, so download the Flora app which is a goal and habit tracker that encourages you to put your phone down from time to time (hello, living in the moment!) and keep you motivated by having you grow and maintain a virtual tree – equally great for kids, teens and adults. For those seeking to make ethical fashion easier, the Good On You app rates sustainable fashion labels so you can shop smart and support the right brands across the world.