Green Tomatoes by Patrick Lee: Seaspiracy – the next gamechanger?

This film has a Tomatometer score of 75% (8 reviews) and an audience score of 88% (250+ ratings). The Tomatometer and audience scores are high, but there aren’t a lot of reviews yet. The score could fluctuate quite a bit as more reviews are added.

Seaspiracy throws a lot of facts and statistics at the viewer and makes a pretty compelling case if you take everything at face value. A quick scan of reviews and articles on the film makes it clear that not all the numbers can be backed up; and some are outright incorrect. That being said, the basic premise is on point:

“Commercial fishing is bad for the Earth. Keep doing it at our own peril.

Watching this documentary makes me want to stop eating fish (which is what the filmmakers were going for). Not sure if I can cut it out completely, but I will definitely think twice before doing so in the future. Can making such a change really make a difference? Possibly, if enough people do it. 

Patrick’s recommendation: Go see this film, eat less fish, and spread the word.

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