Starstreet Precinct Save Your Plastics_Recycling Station (2)

Save Your Plastics at Starstreet Precinct

From 9-26 September 2021, bring your clean and empty recyclable plastics to a specially-set up recycling station at the Starstreet Precinct in Wan Chai, where you’ll also learn how to properly sort plastics for recycling. With any item you recycle, you’ll receive rewards from a range of brands in the neighbourhood! 

Simply head to the recycling station, which is opposite the PURE Yoga on Wing Fung Street. Based on the machine blueprints from Precious Plastic, an open-source project based in the Netherlands, the campaign uses plastic conversion machines that allow participants to turn used plastics into new products to take home. 

save your plastics recycling programme at starstreet precinct
The Save Your Plastics recycling station in the Starstreet Precinct.

Bring in your clean and recyclable plastics to receive reward vouchers from a variety of participating brands, including Green Common, Black Garlic, nood food, L’Occitane and Edgar


Each plastic item recycled will earn you one star. Here are some examples of the rewards you can get for simply recycling!

  • 10 stars = complimentary cup of coffee from Blend & Grind
  • 15 stars = complimentary L’Occitane Pamper Kit
  • 30 stars = complimentary bioplastic toothbrush with replaceable head and four weeks of solid toothpaste
  • 60 stars = two HK$100 nood food vouchers

Types of plastic accepted

The station can collect and sort the following types of plastic: PET 1 plastic, which includes plastic beverage bottles and transparent fruit containers, HDPE 2 plastic, which includes dish soap containers, milk jugs and shampoo and body wash containers, LDPE 4 and PS 6 plastics, which includes coffee cup lids, fruit sleeves and single-use cutlery and PP 5 plastics, which includes takeaway food boxes and yoghurt containers. Just make sure that your recyclables are emptied, cleaned and dried before bringing it to the station.

recycling bins at starstreet precinct
The recycling bins inside the station.

Things that are not accepted

The campaign won’t accept PVC plastics (clear food packaging, tablecloths, electrical tape), Type 7 plastic (baby feeding bottles), packaging with food waste or grease on it, any kinds of plastic bags, chemical containers (nail polish), items that are made up of different types of materials other than plastics including metals, rubber and silicone (e.g. toys or snack wrappers) and items larger than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. 

Save Your Plastics at Starstreet

The Save Your Plastics campaign hopes to inspire all of us to take small steps in our daily lives that will together make a big impact. The 2019 campaign saw the collection and sorting of over 26,000 pieces of plastic! The majority of plastics collected was Type 1 (PET) which included mainly beverage and water bottles, as well as plastic cups. 

Sign up here to register for the campaign, and for more ideas on how to avoid plastic waste, read our tips on eight simple, sustainable swaps you can make for single-use plastics.