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Meet Clean, Hong Kong’s New Sustainable Laundromat

If you’ve walked by Sheung Wan recently and noticed an impeccably Instagrammable corner laundromat, you’ve probably come across Clean, Hong Kong’s newest sustainable laundromat-cafe. While this is nothing new – there are other businesses following the same model – what sets Clean apart is its sustainability endeavours, from its sustainably derived coffee beans to energy-efficient washing machines. 

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Source: Clean

Firstly, the cafe uses only Rainforest Alliance Certified or Direct Trade beans, meaning they are sourced ethically and responsibly. Their beans come from Brazil and Honduras and are roasted in Peng Chau. Clean uses Oatly oat milk as their default milk instead of offering it as an alternative option (although they do have dairy milk).

As for its washing machines, Clean has six mint green LG washing machines that use electricity and water efficiently. Additionally, all washing cycles are set to use cold water only, which uses less energy (and is better for your clothes as well)! Even the laundry detergent they use is eco-friendly – it’s plant-based, hypoallergenic and vegan. Since washing clothing sheds microplastics which can end up in waterways, affecting wildlife, Clean uses Cora Balls, which capture these microfibres and even prevent your clothing from shedding them in the first place. 

A 40-minute wash will cost you HK$25, while a dry will set you back HK$35. Clean’s coffee shop is open everyday from 8am to 5pm while the laundromat is open 24/7. 

clean coffee
Source: Clean

We love initiatives like this; we certainly can’t avoid cleaning our clothes, but we can make sure that the environmental impact of washing them is minimised as much as possible. However, this is just one area of our life into which we can incorporate sustainability – there are so many other small, but important actions that we can make in our lives to reduce our carbon footprint. For more tips, be sure to follow us on Instagram (@8shadesofficial) and share your eco-habits with us!

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