Is Kim Kardashian Vegan?

Hot off the heels of her Saturday Night Live appearance, Kim Kardashian West has been making headlines for her stellar performance, proving that the social media queen isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself – and her family.

Kardashian West has also been in the news for her plant-based diet, with many still wondering whether she’s gone vegan for good.

kim kardashian-west plant-based diet
Source: Instagram

According to various sources, Kardashian West began removing animal products from her diet in 2019, and in that year, she announced on Instagram that she actually eats completely plant-based foods at home. Shortly afterwards, the celebrity offered fans a peek into her kitchen and pantry, showing off fruits and vegetables, rows of plant-based milks and a freezer full of Beyond Sausages. Her family has also joined her in her quest to be plant-based, except for her daughter who eats fish.

She continues to regularly share her favourite vegan dishes and treats, which includes Oreos, sea moss smoothies, vegan tacos, zucchini chips and Beyond Burgers.

Later in 2019, she discussed her decision to stick to a mostly plant-based diet, saying that it came down to her experience with psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that commonly causes red patches on the skin, and how she changed her diet to minimise flare-ups. 

The benefits of going plant-based

There are plenty of health benefits to adopting a more plant-based diet, which include lower rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and even certain types of cancers. In those people who suffer from psoriasis, eating a plant-based diet can help manage flare-ups because it is naturally low in inflammatory foods, like red meat.

Besides the health benefits, cutting out meat reduces greenhouse gases significantly – food production accounts for as much as 37% of global annual greenhouse gases, with meat representing 60% of this!

Whilst Kardashian West is not fully vegan – occasionally indulging in non-vegan treats like dairy ice cream – her decision to be mostly plant-based will no doubt encourage many of those who are undecided about cutting back on meat or ditching it altogether. 

Follow Kardashian West’s lead and challenge yourself to eating just one plant-based meal a week, or even better, one plant-based meal per day. There are so many yummy recipes out there and with products like Impossible and Beyond Meat, cutting out meat is easier than ever!

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