Hong Kong’s Top Eco-Friendly Coffee Shops

For those of us who love a good cup of joe, nothing beats enjoying a dairy-free latte or ethically sourced Americano in a cosy cafe. From encouraging reusable cups to providing plant-based mylk alternatives, we love how these Hong Kong coffee shops are promoting sustainability and ethical consumption practices with an aim to give back to the environment.

Check out these eco-friendly coffee shops in Hong Kong the next time you’re on the hunt for your next caffeine fix.


havn eco- friendly coffee
Source: HAVN

Taikoo’s coffee scene just got a boost with the launch of HAVN, a sleek coffee bar created by the founders of Sai Kung’s beloved Little Cove Espresso. When husband and wife founders Adam Keith and Jade Carey envisioned an environmentally friendly and sustainable takeaway coffee option, they carefully looked at the entire process, from the coffee farm to the barista. Striving to be a plastic-free establishment, they opted for designing their own cups, creating a new heat-resistant, waterproof cup that is completely plastic-free and recyclable with paper. While biodegradable plastics are a common solution for many eateries, HAVN’s design process led them to discover that biodegradable plastics are not as easily compostable due to Hong Kong’s current recycling facilities.

Beyond its minimalistic design and premium beans, Keith and Carey strive to make HAVN more than just a pretty coffee bar, conscientious of the business’s social responsibility element as well. Upon learning of the struggle independent coffee farmers have in competing with larger farms, they decided to source their beans from suppliers who work directly with small, independent farms to contribute to the coffee eco-system and ensure everyone in the loop is fairly compensated.

Learn more about HAVN here.


Source: SOUL

Sitting right in the heart of Central on Queen’s Road, newcomer Hong Kong coffee shop, Soul, is proud to offer mylk alternatives like oatmilk, and the ingenious Cupfee, an edible wafer cup that can be eaten or thrown away — it fully decomposes over time — as a plastic-free alternative to traditional takeaway cups. Made from natural grains, Cupfee is not only earth-friendly but delicious, giving each caffeinated creation a satisfying crunch. You know what they say, “Cupfee is the new black.” Soul has an assortment of coffee-based beverages to serve in their Cupfee, but the Crispy Mocha — a soulful oatmilk mocha with house-blended chocolate — and creamy, rich Hojicha Latte are not to be missed. 

Learn more about Soul here. 

Nood Food

nood food
Source: Nood Food

Just because you’re not a PURE member doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the perks of their healthy cafe. Nood Food prides itself on its sustainability, seeking to provide only reusable cups and mugs when you get your coffee “for here”, and doesn’t use any stir sticks, plastic cups or plastic packaging that isn’t recyclable. As part of their endeavour to encourage less waste, they offer not only a $3 on drinks when you bring a reusable cup, but on all food items when you bring your own container for counter items.  

Find a Nood Food here.

Loop Kulture

loop kulture
Source: Look Kulture

Nestled away in Hong Kong’s coffee shop mecca, Sham Shui Po, Loop Kulture’s name says it all: the shop seeks to close the loop by providing eco-conscious alternatives to minimise packaging and waste. Both a cafe and eco-store, you can sip sustainably sourced, organic coffee and shop in the mini grocery for earth-friendly products. Loop Kulture also encourages bringing your own coffee cup and container for package-free items like their tri-color quinoa, organic nuts and edible flowers.

Beyond coffee, they carry a range of lifestyle products, such as Soapnut Republic’s all-natural blended foaming hand soaps, and plant-based shampoo bars by New Zealand’s ecostore. If you’re feeling hungry, guilt-free goodies like the Ovaltine Granola Yogurt Bowl or a hearty shakshuka — naturally delicious, and nutritious.

Learn more about Loop Kulture here.


mana eco friendly coffee
Source: Mana!

If there’s one thing MANA! knows how to do, it gets us salivating for wholesome, conscious food. They apply the same level of care and thoughtfulness to their entire menu, including their own V-Coffee, which is vegan, locally-roasted, organic and fair-trade, and can be accompanied by a plant milk, including Oatly, Bonsoy and Coconut Milk, all served in a biodegradable cup. If you need an extra boost, Mana! Cafe serves up extra fuel options such as cacao butter, coconut oil and coconut butter to make sure your java goes an extra mile.

Find a Mana! Here.


clean eco-friendly coffee shops hong kong
Source: Clean

While there are a few cafe-laundromats popping up around Hong Kong, Clean distinguishes itself from the crowd through its focus on sustainability. Whether you’re here to wash a few loads or sip on an iced Americano, siblings Bryan and Cynthia Lok have taken care to make sure that their washing machines and coffee are eco-friendly. 

The Hong Kong coffee shop uses only Rainforest Alliance Certified or Direct Trade to support a form of coffee trading that mutually benefits both farmers and roasters, resulting in greater sustainability for all parties involved. Clean’s coffee is also roasted in Peng Chau because supporting local is always a good idea! Another unique aspect about this coffee menu? Instead of making dairy milk the default, all Clean coffee drinks are crafted around Oatly oat milk — of course, if you want dairy milk, you can still get it for an extra $2. 

Learn more about Clean.


treehouse eco friendly coffee shops hong kong
Source: Treehouse

With two locations in prime Central, Treehouse makes it easy to kick back with a plant-based meal and a tasty coffee at the same time. Choose from oat or soy milk, to go with your choice of coffee — while the coffee selection is small, it’s well-curated which is nice considering it’s not always easy to find a turmeric latte in this city. Try the coco cold-brew, a mix of coffee and coconut water, for a seriously refreshing, luxurious cold brew experience that won’t leave you feeling dehydrated. We also love and appreciate Treehouse’s collaborative mindset: the company donates meals weekly through ImpactHK, uses profits to benefit Eden Reforestation projects, and contributes surplus food to Foodlink Foundation to reduce waste and offset our neighbours suffering from food insecurity.

Learn more about Treehouse here.

Elephant Grounds

elephant grounds eco-friendly coffee shops hong kong
Source: Elephant Grounds

Whether for work or play, Elephant Grounds always has us covered, providing the perfect ambiance to savour our favourite coffee beverage. Not only does the laid-back Hong Kong coffee shop specialise in its own in-house roasted blend, it offers Oatly oat milk for a deliciously creamy coffee n’ chill session as well as a rotating menu of plant-based treats, like its collaborative ice cream sandwich series – the latest of which includes coconut ice cream on a caramelised crispy wafer. Decadent!

Learn more about Elephant Grounds here.

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