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8Shades’ Gift Guide: Ethical Gifts in Hong Kong

There’s much to learn as we emerge from the pandemic – from the value of good health to the finite state of the earth’s resources. As we enter gift-giving season, it’s more logical than ever to seek out gifts that not only give back to others but to the planet.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ethical gifts you can get right here in Hong Kong. Whether you’re shopping for a coffee lover, fitness fanatic or anyone in between, here are some fantastic gift ideas for the holidays and beyond:

For the Coffee Addict

Source: @impactberry/Facebook

What could be better than ethically grown coffee beans that give back to the environment? Hong Kong’s own Impact Berry is all about organic fair trade coffee, using beans that are hand-picked and processed in their local communities in Indonesia and Vietnam (to minimise the coffee’s carbon footprint) before they are brought to Hong Kong where they are locally roasted.

Impact Berry works directly with coffee farmers to make sure they receive a fair wage while profits go toward initiatives that empower local communities where the beans are grown. Every bag of beans purchased contributes to planting more trees in Vietnam and more water filters in Indonesia for premium, organic and sustainable coffee. 

Learn more about Impact Berry.

For the Candle Lover

Source: @essencialcandles on Instagram

Essencial Candles are handmade in Hong Kong with beeswax sourced directly from a Hong Kong bee farm. Each candle is carefully made with a selection of 100% pure essential oils which are chosen for their unique benefits, from promoting sleep to boosting brain function.

Once you’re low on wax, bring your used jar in for 10% off your next purchase. Regardless of which scent you choose, the gentle aroma of these pleasant candles, and their ethical values, will relax the atmosphere and rejuvenate the soul. 

Learn more about Essencial Candles.

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For the Philanthropist

Source: @twopresents/Facebook

For many of us, the gift-giving season can be an unsightly time, dominated by commercialisation and high environmental costs. Twopresents is a timely solution for creative gift-giving that goes beyond a wrapped gift from your wish list – not only do you get the perfect gift but you’ll be giving back to local Hong Kong charities too. The platform allows you to choose the gift you want, as well as the charity you want to support.

When your family and friends are invited to contribute to your Twopresents gift fund, they can give money instead of individual gifts, which will be split between your chosen charity and the special gift you have selected. There’s a lot to love here, from eliminating one-time gift wrapping, to the meaningful act of giving back to a cause that is important to you. Twopresents’ gift ideas are plentiful too, with options for all age ranges, from children’s toys to cool experiences like cocktail making workshops and rock climbing. 

Learn more about Twopresents.

For the Yogi

flow factory
Source: Flow Factory

As yoga has become more mainstream, it’s easier than ever to gear up on wellness products but a healthier lifestyle goes beyond a centering yoga session! Flow Factory, an Australian company operating out of Hong Kong, aims to provide high quality, stylish and environmentally friendly yoga products to promote holistic wellness that mutually benefits everyone.

Find colourful yoga mats, yoga blocks and wheels, all made with natural materials like tree rubber, vegan suede and cork that align with the Flow Philosophy of giving back and living sustainably. Flow Factory also provides free yoga classes and workshops to contribute to the community and spread the Flow ethos!

Learn more about Flow Factory.

For the Fitness Fanatic

gooddays activewear
Source: @gooddays.activewear on Instagram

Made in Bali by a manufacturer that specialises in environmentally and ethically friendly practises, Good Days has built itself on three key pillars: fabrics, packaging and manufacturing. Fabrics come from recycled plastic to divert waste, mailing products in compostable and biodegradable packaging, and manufacturing in small production runs to avoid excess stock. 

The manufacturer also regularly donates to a Balinese association dedicated to the welfare of women and children who scavenge from rubbish dumps. By making the production and manufacturing processes transparent on their website, Good Days certainly feels good to buy from. And right now, they’re offering free delivery to Hong Kong on orders over HK$800!

Learn more about Good Days.

For the Sneakerhead

Source: on Instagram

We can admit, sometimes eco-friendly gear can look a little “crunchy”. That’s why we’re excited about the versatile and modern style of Kibo’s recycled leather sneakers. Founded by wife-husband duo Natalie and Simon Chow, Kibo utilises many of the lessons the ex-fashion and footwear couple gained from their time in these industries: waste from raw materials and excessive production, poor quality products selling for high prices, and dismal working conditions for manufacturers. Each pair of Kibo sneakers sold also contributes to Compassion First, a non-profit supporting and empowering victims of sexual exploitation.

Learn more about Kibo.

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For the Gym Goer

Shopping for the perfect gym bag? Chances are you’ve found it with Everybody & Everyone’s All Good Things Bag, which is made from recycled plastic bottles with a total of eight different pockets – and can even fit a laptop inside the padded sleeve.

Eco-innovative and size-inclusive, Everybody & Everyone is a woman-founded Hong Kong brand that has sustainability at its core. From partnering with fellow eco-conscious companies in the supply chain to being carbon neutral from the start, Everybody & Everyone’s ultimate goal is to create a closed loop system where everything is recycled from something else in their collection.

Learn more about Everybody & Everyone

For the Alpaca Lover

Source: on Instagram

Keep the home snuggly and stylish with a soft, sustainably made alpaca throw from ÄYAHOME. Founder Crystal Chiu, a native of both Hong Kong and Peru, realised a desire to empower her community back in Peru by spreading awareness about alpaca wool and its many benefits. An inherently luxurious material, Chiu sees alpaca wool as a more sustainable yet highly durable material compared to cashmere, since alpacas create a much smaller environmental footprint than other grazers.

Since alpacas naturally regenerate their wool, and are shorn only once a year, the act of sourcing alpaca wool is cruelty free and sustainable. This unique material also does not pill, which means it tends to have greater longevity than cashmere too. Cosy up knowing your gift of alpaca wool supports the Peruvian Andes communities that rely on farming and weaving to maintain their lifestyles. 

Learn more about ÄYAHome.

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