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Weekly Eco Tip: Henderson Land x Rossana Orlandi exhibition

Looking for something fun and eco to do this weekend? Then you’ll love our latest series where we’ll be giving you a weekly eco tip every Friday to green up your life.

This week, head to ifc mall in Central to catch The Henderson Land Group’s newest exhibition that celebrates how waste can be upcycled into new and beautiful creation.

Entitled, “Henderson Land x Rossana Orlandi: Waste is Value Art & Design Exhibition,” the collection of 45 art and design pieces is curated by Rossana Orlandi, a renowned Italian gallerist and pioneer in design and sustainability. This is her first exhibition in Asia and we’re so excited that it’s for such a noble cause right here in the 852.

rossana orlandi
Source: Rossana Orlandi

Rossana says that she wanted the exhibition to help increase awareness on how to minimise waste. She says, “Plastic is not the problem; in our daily lives, there are plastics everywhere. However, we need to change the way we treat it. There are wiser and more innovative ways to reuse plastic, such as smart designs. Waste is not waste until we waste it.”

henderson land group exhibition
Source: Henderson Land Group

The exhibition aims to educate different generations in Hong Kong about responsible behaviours when it comes to waste. The pieces are arranged into four themes: “Go Green,” “Ro Plastic Prize,” “Iconic Upcycled Artwork” and “Marine Eco- life.” Each exhibition has its own story, which visitors can learn about by scanning the nearby QR code. 

henderson land group exhibition
Source: Henderson Land Group

Some of the interesting pieces at the exhibition include a curtain of recycled ocean plastic and the first-ever chair made from recycled bottles.

This exhibition definitely brings awareness to the massive amounts of waste produced in Hong Kong. Did you know that in 2019, more than 5.6 million tonnes of solid waste were generated? Of this, only 29% was recycled and the rest went to landfills. If the whole world lived like Hong Kong, we would need more than four planets to sustain us!

Learn more about the exhibition and make a visit yourself to the Oval Atrium, Level 1 of ifc mall from now until July 28. 

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