Green Tomatoes by Patrick Lee: Kiss the Ground Review

In this second review of my Green Tomatoes series, we move from the sea with Seaspiracy, to land – with the documentary Kiss the Ground. 

Source: Kiss The Ground

Let’s start by analyzing the Rotten Tomatoes score for this film:

Kiss the Ground has a Tomatometer score of 88% (8 reviews) and an audience score of 99% (500+ ratings). The Tomatometer and audience scores are very high, even higher than Seaspiracy, but there aren’t a lot of reviews yet. Like Seaspiracy, the score could fluctuate quite a bit as more reviews are added. However, it’s likely that more reviews will not be added for this film.

Kiss the Ground is a documentary that espouses the virtues of ‘Regenerative Agriculture’. Prior to watching this documentary, I had never come across this term before. 

Source: Kiss The Ground

So what is ‘Regenerative Agriculture’?

From Wikipedia:

“Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration, increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.”

For more on Regenerative Agriculture, check out our article on 8Shades:


On its face, the “Regenerative Agriculture” approach makes sense. Conventional methods of farming lead to short term gains, but degrades the soil and reduces long term productivity. The documentary drives this point home quite well with before and after shots of deserts and dust bowls that are transformed into lush fields of green.

The film is narrated by Woody Harrelson and features plenty of cameos from climate-conscious celebrities including Jason Mraz, Giselle, Patricia Arquette, and more. The message is hopeful and positive; and I especially like that it lays out concrete solutions. If we can fix the ground, we can fix the planet. While it’s likely not the whole solution, the film makes a compelling argument that this is a step in the right direction.

Patrick’s recommendation: Enjoyable, informative, and easy to watch. Definitely recommend!