Choose Your Own Green Resolutions For 2022

New Year’s resolutions are usually well-intended but notoriously difficult to keep, so why not make a green resolution for 2022 that you can definitely achieve? We’ve broken them down for you into light, medium and dark green categories, so get ready to choose your own green resolutions for the coming year!

Light green

1. Say no to straws and single-use plastic bags

An estimated 10 million plastic bags are thrown away each day in Hong Kong. By making a simple green resolution to refuse all straws and to bring your own shopping bag around town, you’ll avoid having to waste any more unnecessary plastic straws and bags.

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2. Bring your own coffee cup

If you’re a coffee lover, invest in a reusable coffee cup that you’ll always remember to take with you on the road. The best part is, many cafes even offer discounts when you bring our own cup!

Check out our 8Shades x STTOKE coffee cup for a sleek and stylish option!

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3. Carry a reusable water bottle

Hong Kong goes through 4,000,000 plastic water bottles per DAY. Make sure you’re not contributing to this massive amount of waste by bringing your own refillable water bottle with you.

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Medium green

4. Shop organic, local and seasonal

Cut down on your carbon footprint by shopping local, organic and seasonal. Shopping local and organic means that you’ll be reducing pollution in the sand, air and water, while supporting local farmers and their communities.

For local options, check out Eat Fresh, Magic Organics and Homegrown Foods.

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5. Eat more plant-based meals

UN experts claim that a plant-based diet can definitely be used to fight climate change, it’s also one of the hardest lifestyle changes for people to commit to. So, why not just take a baby step by giving up meat for one meal a week? If that works, try one day a week, and work up from there.

Get inspired from Hong Kong’s plant-based pioneers on why they went veggie.

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Dark green

6. Walk or use public transportation

This one is a little harder since we live in the city of convenience, but if you can buffer in a little more time to get somewhere, try to walk or use public transportation instead of taking a car/cab. As a bonus, you’ll also be doing wonders for your health.

7. Shop less, or only buy second-hand items

After the busy holiday season, it’ll probably feel great to reduce your spending on unnecessary items. If you must shop, make sure it’s something that you really need and will last for years to come. Or, commit to only buying pre-loved items so that you can avoid creating more fashion waste.

Start with pre-loved shops like HULA and Vestiaire Collective, or hop onto apps like Carousell to buy/sell secondhand items.

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8. Go vegan for the month of January (#Veganuary)

If you’re ready for a bigger challenge, why not commit to going vegan for the entire month of January? Also known as #Veganuary, you can sign up here to take the global challenge with plenty of recipes and eating guides to use as inspiration.

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