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Good News: Starbucks Plans To Phase Out Single-use Cups

Last month, ahead of its 30th Annual Meeting of Shareholders, Starbucks announced their sustainability efforts to meet its 2030 planet positive goals, which included a plan to reduce waste through reusable cups and a new waste and recycling app.

“We have a bold long-term sustainability vision and ambitious goals for 2030,” said Starbucks president and CEO, Kevin Johnson. “Starbucks partners around the world are passionate about protecting our planet and are at the very center of driving the innovation that enables us to give more than we take from the planet.”

The Seattle-based coffee giant has a goal of reducing waste by 50% by 2030 and plans to do this by reducing single-use plastics, piloting reusable cup programs, and a new “Waste and Recycling App”, developed by partners as part of the Greener Stores Innovation Challenge,

By the end of 2023, all Starbucks customers in the US and Canada will be able to use their own personal reusable cups (in cafes, drive-thrus, and mobile orders) – although we’re not too sure what’s stopping them from already doing that now.

Starbucks will also test their “Borrow-A-Cup” operating models in more countries aside from the US, UK, Japan and Singapore, while encouraging customers to BYO-cups and by creating cup-washing stations at cafes.

By 2025, Starbucks’ goal is “to create a cultural movement towards reusables by giving customers easy access to a personal or Starbucks provided reusable to-go cup for every visit, making it convenient and delightful to reuse wherever customers are enjoying their Starbucks Experience.”

There’s no need to wait till 2025 or 2023, for that matter – here in Hong Kong, you can already bring your own cup to your favourite Starbucks or local cafe. That way, you’ll stay ahead of the curve – and fully caffeinated – while protecting the planet!

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