Good News: PETA’s Coffee for Cats Campaign Returns

If you’re a coffee and animal lover, here’s a great reason to have an extra cuppa joe (or two) this month. From 12-28 February, Green Monday and PETA Asia are bringing back their annual “PETA’s Coffee for Cats” charity campaign to raise awareness of plant-based mylks and animal protection.

Over 49 cafes and restaurants around Hong Kong will be participating, including Green Common, Winstons, Years, Artista Perfetto and more by making cups of “PETA Coffee” with Minor Figures’ Barista Oat or another plant-based milk.

For every purchase of a cup of “PETA Coffee”, HK$5 will be donated to PETA for their work in animal protection. So, by just making the switch to plant-based milk, you’ll be getting your daily java jolt and doing a good thing too!

Did you know? The production of oat milk releases 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than cow’s milk. Don’t forget to bring your own cup (like our 8Shades x STTOKE cup) to make your coffee run even more green!

See the map of all participating cafes in “PETA’s Coffee for Cats”:

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