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Good News: ‘In The Moo For Love’ Launches In Hong Kong

Going plant-based in Hong Kong is easier than ever, but if you were waiting for any more reason to kickstart your new diet, enter the “In The Moo For Love” campaign.

Coinciding with the COP26 climate summit being held in Scotland, the “In The Moo For Love” campaign runs from 1-12 November 2021 and brings together chefs, restaurateurs, retail chains, green food brands and other sectors of the food and beverage industry to show how easy and accessible it is to include plant-based foods into your life. 

Source: In the Moo For Love

The award-winning chefs in the campaign include Umberto Bombana from 81/2 Otto e Mezzo, Michael Smith from Moxie, May Chow from Happy Paradise, Christian Mongendre from Treehouse, Peggy Chan from Grassroots Initiative and Richard Ekkebus from Amber. 

The campaign kicks off with a ‘Food For Thought’ panel discussion with the campaign chefs to highlight the challenges with sustainability when it comes to food. If you missed it, you can get all caught up here:

Then from 8 – 12 November, the campaign chefs have put together a daily delicious plant-based lunch set, limited to just 50 sets per day. Priced at HK$250 each, the sets can be pre-ordered on ‘In The Moo For Love’s campaign website. Each set includes a reusable lunch box from Take Lifestyle, a cup of Ice Age! Animal Free Dairy ice cream and a reusable canvas bag. 

in the moo for love campaign
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The lunch sets are sponsored by Horizons Ventures, the private investment arm of Mr. Li Ka-shing, with matching donations from both UBS and Goldman Sachs to beneficiaries that support the Earth.


  • MON – Chef Umberto Bombana (Otto e Mezzo)​
  • TUE – Chef Michael Smith (Moxie)​
  • WED – Chef Christian Mongendre (Treehouse)​
  • WED – Chef May Chow (Happy Paradise)​
  • THU – Chef Peggy Chan (Grassroots Initiatives)​
  • FRI – Chef Richard Ekkebus (Amber)​

Don’t miss your chance to try these a-moo-zing plant-based meals created by the city’s top chefs!

Order your limited-edition lunches on the In The Moo For Love website and find out more about the moo-vement here:​

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