Giveaway: Sustainability Books/Puzzles For Kids From Yum Me Play

Shout out to all the parents who are passing on their sustainability habits to their kids! Whether it be shopping with reusable bags, recycling your trash or picking up litter on outings, setting a positive example for your kids is the best way to instil good habits in them!

We need to teach our kids about the importance of protecting the planet – they are our future, after all. This is where Yum Me Play comes in. They create experiential learning products for kids, including books, games and toys, working with educators and child psychologists. Many of their products centre around sustainability and caring for the planet – they’re here to make teaching your kids about sustainability easier.

To help you (and your kids) on your eco-journey, we’re offering you the chance to win a book or puzzle about recycling/sustainability from Yum Me Play!

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In the meantime, here are some more tips on how to teach your kids about sustainability.

Walk the Talk

Children are always watching, so you want to set a good example and show them eco-habits to soak up. Make sure to avoid using plastic bags when you go to the grocery store, keep composting and recycling bins at home, and you could even show them how to plant flowers and food. Make it a fun family activity to show that you practice what you preach.

Finally, when you go hiking or to the beach, play a game with your kids to pick up pieces of trash. For example, you could say that the first person to pick up five pieces of trash gets to choose where you go for lunch (just be careful that they’re not picking up things that could hurt them, like cans or glass).

This kind of experiential learning will help your kids make more sustainable decisions when they’re older. After all, how we treat the planet will reflect in how they treat it later.

Avoid Single-Use Plastics

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Similar to the first tip, don’t keep any single-use plastics in your home and don’t use any when you’re out, including bags, straws and snack and drinks containers. Send your kids to school with reusable lunch tins and keep reusable straws and cutlery on you so you won’t be caught in a pinch when you’re out and about. 

This will show them that plastic is not something that plays a role in your family’s life.

Get Book to Basics

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Source: @YumMePlay on Instagram

Read books with your kids on the subject. Make sure that they have pictures and simple language so that they stay engaged. This is not only one of the easiest ways to teach kids about sustainability, but it also serves as valuable bonding time!

Yum Me Play has plenty of books that teach you more about the beauty of animals around the world and why we need to protect them.

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