Giveaway: Back To School Picks from Retykle

Did you know that kids can speed through seven sizes of clothing in the first two years of their lives? This adds to the already-massive amount of waste generated by the fashion industry each year. Retykle has been tackling this problem since 2016, allowing parents to resell their gently worn children’s clothes on the platform and keep them in circulation for longer.

Sarah Garner’s company, Retykle, is now an institution in the Hong Kong kids’ clothing scene, and we had the chance to chat with her about the inspiration behind starting the company, her top picks for back-to-school, and what’s next.

retykle founder sarah garner
Sarah Garner of Retykle (Photo: Courtesy of Retykle)


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How did you first come up with the idea for Retykle?

I’d worked in luxury fashion for over 10 years and had begun to feel that the relentless pace of the industry was unsustainable. At the same time that I was questioning my role within the industry, I was also becoming a mom.

Upon having my first child, I was struck with the pace at which babies outgrow their clothes and the temporary nature of everything you buy for them. Having kids, inadvertently, creates massive waste due to this temporary use cycle and I felt that I could use my experience to create a circular fashion solution that resolves to keep items in circulation for longer, extending their lifespan and keeping items out of the landfill.

We endeavour to keep solving for full circularity such that kids don’t have to impact their future earth just by being born. 

What’s one simple thing everyone can do to be more sustainable?

Consider making a portion of everything you purchase secondhand. Every little bit helps to increase the product lifespan and the simple act of a secondhand purchase can serve as a lesson to your kids about responsible consumption.

Also, try to fix something that requires mending with your kids so that they learn not to treat items as disposable when they are broken, but rather understand the importance of repairing to keep them out of the garbage. Something as simple as getting dressed can become a family philosophy about consumption.  

retykle founder sarah garner
Sarah Garner of Retykle (Photo: Courtesy of Retykle)

What are your top five picks for back to school?


Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag

silicone sandwich bag
Source: Retykle


Vilebrequin Swimsuit 2T

Source: Retykle


Vera Pelle Mary Janes 5T

girl school shoes retykle
Source: Retykle



pink mlb bag
Source: Retykle


Polo Ralph Lauren Shorts 2T

ralph lauren shorts from retykle
Source: Retykle

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What are some exciting things you’re working on next?

We’re expanding our on-the-ground operations to Singapore in a few weeks! We can’t wait to open the sell-side to our customers in Singapore and expand our community and impact in the market. 

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