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International Cat Day: 8 Eco-friendly Products for Cats

We love our kitties, but between the cat litter, toys and food, they’re not exactly the most eco-friendly pets. What can an eco-conscious pet owner do to reduce their environmental impact while still making sure their cats get the best life possible? In celebration of International Cat Day on 8 August, here’s our pick of eight eco-friendly products for cats. 


fur remover
Source: Amazon

Fur-Zoff Fur Remover

Keep pet hair at bay with this simple tool made from 90% foamed recycled glass. Simply sweep it over furniture, clothing and carpets to uproot fur. According to the company who makes it, the Fur-Zoff will never need to be replaced, unlike sticky tape pet hair removers. 

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eco-friendly cat collar
Source: Noggins and Binkles

Vegan Cork Leather Cat Collar

This cute collar is made from sustainable vegan cork “leather.” Cork is made from the bark of oak trees, which is removed, then the bark can grow back and can be re-harvested years later. In addition to being water resistant, it also has antibacterial qualities. 

Available in a range of colours at Noggins and Binkles


cat scratcher
Source: Amazon

Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Help your kitty condition their claws with a cardboard scratcher made from recycled materials. This one is lifted to allow for better leverage when ripping, tearing and shredding and can be recycled if it becomes too worn. 

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organic cat cave
Source: Etsy

Organic Wool Felt Cat Cave

This handmade wood felt cat cave is made from 100% merino wool, soap and water and is free of chemicals and dyes. Besides its eco credentials, it has thick walls to better hold its shape and to keep your kitty warm. 

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hemp cat litter
Source: Amazon

Hemp Cat Litter

Hemp is a weed so it can grow quickly with little water and no pesticides. It produces more pulp per acre than trees and is biodegradable. This hemp cat litter from Oley Hemp is not only 100% biodegradable, but it’s also ultra absorbent and odour-free.

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recycled toys products for cats
Source: Amazon

Recycled Toys

Your cats will love playing with this pair of pigs stuffed with recycled plastic, catnip and silver vine. Each toy is made with sustainable jute and other natural materials. 

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eco-friendly solid shampoo products for cats
Source: Amazon

Solid Cat Shampoo

This zero-waste kitten shampoo from Petty Care has a plant-based formula and is biodegradable. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, synthetic essences and is 100% cruelty-free. Even the packaging it comes in is recyclable cardboard! 

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eco-friendly food products for cats

Organic Cat Food

Cats are carnivores by nature, meaning that they need to eat meat to survive. So while they can’t exactly go vegan, the next-best thing is to feed your cat organic cat food like this dry food from Organix, which is made from organic free-range chicken and contains no grains, corn, wheat or soy. It’s also made with a blend of superfoods, like organic flaxseed, organic cranberries and organic coconut oil to keep kitty healthy.

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Now, there’s no reason not to be a responsible cat owner with these eco-friendly cat products. If you’re ready to – or already – making these sustainable switches, be sure to tag us (@8shadesofficial) in your eco-friendly cat photos on Instagram for a repost!

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