The Most Eco-friendly Florists in Hong Kong

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and by now you should have sorted out what to get your loved ones (if not, check out our V-day gift guide for him and her). But, if you’re still on the look out for flowers, consider supporting these eco-friendly florists in Hong Kong.

Not only will you bring a smile to your significant other, but you’ll also be making Mother Earth happier. From florists that use seasonal blooms and eco-friendly packaging to zero-waste alternatives such as veggie bouquets, here are our top picks.


Source: Ellermann

Known for their gorgeous and colourful floral bouquets, Ellermann’s seasonal and custom arrangements are plastic-free and always have the option of coming in a variety of reusable vases.

Our V-day pick: Joyful Love

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Blooms & Blossoms

Source: Blooms & Blossoms

Instead of being wrapped in plastic like most floral bouquets, Blooms & Blossoms have the option to come in a stylish bucket bag that can be reused and repurposed. Ordinary bouquets are also available, along with arrangements in vases and pots.

Our V-day pick: Lilac Lullaby

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Floristics Co.

Source: Floristics Co.

For every bouquet they sell, Floristics Co. plants a tree that removes over 308kg of CO2 from the atmospher, which is equivalent to offsetting the average carbon requirements for over 100 flower bouquets. They also use recyclable packaging that’s environmentally friendly, and only sell a small collection of bouquets each month to minimise waste.

Our V-day pick: Valentine Charm Flower Bouquet With Vase

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The Floristry

Source: The Floristry

Sheung Wan florist, The Floristry, uses seasonal flowers and foliage that brings a bit of boho vibes and nature into the home. If bouquets are not your thing, wildflowers can also be arranged in jars, put in natural soaps and scents, all packaged in a pink tote bag made exclusively for the season of love.

Our V-day pick: Wild Hearts Bouquet with Vase

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The Flower People

Source: The Flower People

The artisans at The Flower People only use eco-certified, sustainably grown or locally sourced flowers, packaged in recyclable craft paper and eco-wraps. There’s also an option for a flower box, which features accents in the form of biodegradable dried grass and recycled sari silk ribbon. The Flower People is also an ardent supporter of the Trees for All charity.

Our V-day pick: Custom Design

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Fleurology By H

Source: Fleurology by H

If you’re looking for something different and more sustainable than fresh flowers, why not give Fleurology by H’s vegetable or fruit arrangements a try? This eco-friendly alternative to flowers is not only as beautiful, they’re also healthy and edible. What better way to the heart than through the stomach!

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Gift Flowers Hong Kong


Gift Flowers offers a plethora of arrangements – whether it be in the form of bouquets, vases or flower boxes – that can be delivered on the same day. Instead of using plastic in their packaging, they use cellophane wrapping that’s made from a plant-based, organic compound. Make not mistake, this 100% biodegradable packaging offers a sturdy, protective cover for your order.

Our V-day pick: Red Roses with Vase

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Bunny Garden

Source: Bunny Garden

For something more permanent, consider these high-quality faux flowers from Bunny Garden that are super realistic and made from silk. More than just another zero-waste option, they last longer and require minimal care compared to their fresh counterparts, eliminating the need for water and pesticides.

Our V-day pick: Red Butterfly

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With additional reporting by Erica Fong

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