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Buckle Up: 5 Stylish & Sustainable Belts To Wear Now

Newsflash! Belts aren’t just for holding pants up – sometimes, they can actually make or break an outfit. While most belts have traditionally been made from leather, there are plenty of sustainable brands vowing to do more for the planet by wasting and harming less.

Read on for our picks of five sustainable belts to hold you up:

The Whistle: The “Industrial” Belt 10mm

The "Industrial" Belt 10mm
Source: @heywhistle on Instagram

Handcrafted from a unique rubber that resembles the look of animal leather, this tough black vegan belt from The Whistle is decorated with metal rings and studs to give an edgy kick to any outfit. The Tel Aviv-based brand also offers everyday belts of black and brown, as well as statement transparent belts of clear and neon green.

Available at The Whistle

Black Nopal: Green & Brass 1″ Belt

Green & Brass 1" Belt
Source: @blacknopalusa on Instagram

We are loving the vintage vibes that this Black Nopal belt gives off with the brass details and green cactus leather. Yes, this vegan leather belt is made from cactus leaves sourced from Mexico-based company Desserto! The leather is, of course, sustainably made, organic, and requires minimal amounts of water.

Available at Black Nopal

Corkor: Cork Belt 25mm in Light Brown

Source: @corkor on Instagram

With the help of local artisans based in its workshop in Portugal, Corkor is a PETA-approved vegan brand that makes its sustainably-sourced products out of cork, which is natural, water repellent, and scratch and stain resistant – not to mention unique! Corkor also makes an effort to use as little packaging as possible to lower transportation emissions.

Available at Corkor

Noani: Baby Lia Brass Gold

Baby Lia Brass Gold
Source: @avesuveganshoes on Instagram

Yeehaw! This cute and timeless western-style belt from Noani goes perfectly with a sundress or a pair of high-waisted bell-bottom jeans. Made ethically from Appleskin leather in Italy under fair working conditions, Noani is a fully vegan brand approved by PETA. Fun fact: it got its name from the abbreviation of “no animal”!

Available at Noani

Unbelts: Classic Belt in Jet Black (Matte Black)

Unbelts Classic
Source: @unbelts on Instagram

Coming in a rainbow of colours, Unbelts’ comfortable, stretchy, and size-inclusive belts are made from reclaimed PET beverage bottles. Featuring an elegant all-metal buckle that lays elegantly flat under tees, the machine washable belt has a velvety-soft feel, but remains durable. Psst… they also make colourful belts for kids!

Available at Unbelts

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