Bottled up

In the plight against plastics and working towards a sustainable lifestyle, one of the OG poster children has been the humble water bottle. What started off as nothing more than a workhorse, has now morphed into a fashion statement, so say goodbye to the stagnant Nalgenes of your youth and S’wells of the early 2010s, and hello to staying hydrated in style.

Fashionista Fix

This “Deluxe Cool It” glass water bottle by is any trendsetter’s dream come true. The sleek, tubular glass bottle tapers at the top, where it is crowned with a jewel-like orb lid. A silicone sleeve keeps the bottle safe from hard knocks and spills.

What Goes Around Comes Around

The foundation of sustainability begins with clever design, which is the secret behind 24 Bottles’ success. Its lightweight bottles are a scant 117 grams and the range of colours and patterns is impressive. The Bologna-based company also makes it their mission to undo their carbon footprint and have employed a CO2 offset policy.

Active Elegance

Balancing ergonomics, aesthetics and usability in the inimitable way only the Japanese can, this Kinto Active Tumbler, with its double-walled stainless steel to keep liquids cool and easy-to-drink water spout, will surely be the chicest water bottle to hit the gym or on the trails.