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Beyond Sleep: Where To Find Sustainable Bedding in Hong Kong

Looking for sustainable bedding in Hong Kong that’s also eco-friendly? Look no further than Noblesse Lifestyle Group’s Beyond Sleep store in Central, an interactive and dreamy retail space that celebrates the importance of “sleeping responsibly” and is stocked with everything you need for an eco-friendly bedroom.

What Does it Mean to “Sleep Responsibly”?

Not many of us think about our bedding when it comes to sustainability, but for starters, eco-friendly bedding is made using fabrics that are generally easy to recycle. They also tend to use less water than traditional methods and don’t include pesticides, bleach or microplastics. It’s definitely worthwhile to look at your bedding; did you know that the vast majority of manufacturers put toxins in their bedsheets – around 70%, to be exact?


Examples of these toxic ingredients include formaldehydes, AZO dyes, Parathion and Alidicarb. Formaldehyde has been linked to several illnesses, including cancer, and is typically found in sheets labelled “wrinkle-free.” Meanwhile,Parathion and Alidicarb are used as insecticides and are classified as being “Extremely Hazardous” by the World Health Organisation. Considering that we spend around a third of our lives in our beds, it makes sense that the bedding you choose plays a role in your health.

The environmental impact of mattresses isn’t great, either. In 2017, the UK threw away more than seven million mattresses, the vast majority of which went straight to landfills. The US, on average, throws away more than 18 million mattresses a year. In general, only around 19% of mattresses are recycled; this is because the springs make the process difficult.

Thankfully, Beyond Sleep is providing more sustainable bedding options in Hong Kong for us to get a good (and eco) night’s sleep.

The 8,000 square foot store in Central, which has replaced the brand’s store at Happy Valley, features a “material library” – a repository of yarns and natural fibres that are featured in Beyond Sleep’s products to help you choose your preferred eco-material, such as organic cotton and wool, bamboo fibre and alpaca hair.

beyond sleep store
The Beyond Sleep store in Central, Hong Kong.

Customers can also sample the products first hand in the “Sleep Pod,” where you can test out your bedding and mattress of choice in a controlled environment where the temperature, light and music volume can be adjusted to suit your tastes. 

Some of the brands available at Beyond Sleep include Savoir, who makes handcrafted beds made from natural materials made sustainably, Vispring, who is FSC-certified for its sustainable use of forests and woodlands in its beds and uses vanadium metal in its springs, which is typically easier to recycle and is more sustainable, Panda London, who makes 100% bamboo bedding that is organically grown, Quagliotti, who makes bed linens and eco-friendly bed sheets made with sustainably-extracted cotton and Dauny, who makes sustainable duvets and pillows. The store also has 30 different styles of pillows, all stuffed with various sustainable materials. 

beyond sleep sustainable material library
The sustainable “material library” and duvet collection.

Besides bedding products, Beyond Sleep also stocks CBD oil from Kiara, antimicrobial towels made from recycled fabrics from Sora and natural soy wax candles from Maraca

It’s about time to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of your life, including your sleep. Visit Beyond Sleep to learn more about sustainable bedding in Hong Kong and how you can incorporate it into your home.

Beyond Sleep, Basement, LHT Tower, 31 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2808 4727

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