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Ariana Grande Has Launched Her Vegan Makeup Line, R.E.M Beauty

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in the age of celebrity products, and the makeup industry is no different. After months of teasing, pop star Ariana Grande has finally launched her vegan makeup line, R.E.M Beauty . Grande, herself a vegan, has been quietly working on the line for two years, and the products are influenced by her signature “‘60s retro-futurism” look.

ariana grande r.e.m
Source: on Instagram

The line will be released in curated drops, and the first release is called Chapter One: Ultraviolet, which features 12 products that are focused on the eyes and lips.

For the eyes, there’s a liquid eyeliner, kohl eye pencils in three shades, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, liquid eyeshadows in 21 shades and faux mink lashes in two styles. For the lips, there’s a lip-plumping gloss in 10 shades, six matte lipsticks and four lip stains. The drop will also include an all-over highlighter topper in 10 shades for the cheeks, eyes and body. 

eyeshadow palettes
Source: on Instagram
Source: on Instagram
r.e.m beauty highlighter topper
The highlighter topper in the line. Source: on Instagram

R.E.M Beauty isn’t Grande’s first launch in the beauty industry; her perfume business began in 2015. Her newest fragrance, God is a Woman, was released in June and is cruelty-free and vegan, made with 91% naturally-derived ingredients. 

While we don’t know exactly what Chapter Two will include, Grande has confirmed that foundations and concealers are on the way, so it’s likely that base products will be part of the next drop! 

The makeup industry can be pretty unsustainable – between the plastic used in packaging, and ingredients used in some products that are either tested on animals or can be harmful to the environment – so it’s wonderful to see that celebrities like Ariana Grande are doing their bit to make the industry more eco-friendly.

Thankfully, R.E.M Beauty ships to Hong Kong, but get in quick – everything is sure to sell out quickly! 

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