Allklear: The Sustainable Food-Tech Company of the Future?

Here at 8Shades, we’re all about highlighting companies and brands that champion sustainability, so this week, we’re happy to introduce you all to local Hong Kong brand, Allklear.

Allklear is a food-tech company that uses aerospace technology to make healthy food products. Not only this, but their brand ethos is rooted in making plant-based, functional and sustainable products, so not only are Allklear’s products good for you, but they’re also good for the planet.

Here are some of their signature products:

Detox Future Salad 

allklear detox future salad
Source: Allklear

One sachet of Detox Future Salad is equivalent to five bowls of salad, and uses only fresh ingredients. Detox Future Salad is suitable for people of all ages, particularly for those concerned about health, weight loss, indigestion, acne, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular health, among other things. 

Green Shake Meal Replacement

allklear meal replacement shake
Source: Allklear

While meal replacement shakes should not completely replace balanced diets, Allklear’s meal replacement shakes’ nutritional value are comparable to that of ordinary meals. Enriched with dietary fibre, the shakes will make you feel full, and are especially suitable for people who want to maintain their weight, who have busy schedules and are prone to forgetting to eat meals and for vegetarians.

If Allklear’s commitment to creating healthy and nutritious food products hasn’t quite convinced you, what about their eco-friendly credentials? 

The Environmental Impact of Allklear’s Detox Future Salad

Compared to the traditional boxed salad, Allklear creates more than 98% more space for storage and transportation. Not only that, the same resources used to transport your food can be diverted to transport food for 5,370 more people. 

Allklear predicts that if 30% of consumers switched to Detox Future Salad, 515,000 tons of greenhouse gases would be avoided, as well as over 11,000 tons of plastic containers and more than 1,200 tons of unconsumed vegetable waste in Hong Kong each year. 

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