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8Shades of… Christian Yan, Co-founder of Nanoleaf

In the latest edition of “8Shades of…” – where we get up close and personal with new and known faces in the sustainability field – we caught up with Christian Yan, co-founder and COO of smart lighting company, Nanoleaf.

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We played a round of quick-fire questions with Christian – eight in total, get it? – so read on to find out why he’s an 8Shader, his best (and worst) eco-habits and his top lightbulb moment (pun intended).

8Shades of… Christian Yan of Nanoleaf

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Photo: Christian Yan, co-founder and COO of Nanoleaf
  1. In one sentence, tell us what you do?

I’m the co-founder of a smart lighting IoT company, Nanoleaf, and I’m responsible for what goes on in Asia.

2. Why are you an 8Shader? 

Because we all need to move in the right direction, starting with education and awareness. Every little thing counts and adds up, so that we can finally move the needle one day.

3. Your best green habit?

Consuming less meat since four years ago.

4. Guilty not-so-green habit?

Ordering takeout or delivery with plastic packaging.

5. Favourite eco product?

Impossible Meat.

6. Favourite veggie dish/restaurant?

Treehouse’s veggie ramen and beetroot hamburger.

7. What was your light bulb moment? (Pun intended) 

Realising that the world runs on maximising profit without having balance and understanding for the damage we do.

8. What shade of green are you ?

The shade that connects business economics sense together with sustainability. 

About Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf is a smart lighting and home solutions pioneer. Available in several shapes including triangles and hexagons, their smart lighting panels can speak to one another and be customised to fit any design. Energy efficient and cool, they can even respond to music, sound or beats – now, can your ordinary light bulb do that? Learn more at

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