8Shades’ Father’s Day Gift Guide For Sustainable Dads

Father’s Day isn’t just a chance to celebrate everything we love about our dads – it’s also a great way to introduce them to things that can better the planet! If you’re looking for some green and sustainable gift ideas, here are eight ideas that any father (eco-conscious or not) would love.

1. Pangaia Organic Cotton Zip Up Hoodie

Organic Cotton Zip Up Hoodie, Pangaia
Source: Lane Crawford

Sustainable fashion brand Pangaia landed in Hong Kong at Lane Crawford this January – stocking a range of bio-based clothing in popping colours, from pastel purple to crimson. Made from organic cotton, this Pangaia hoodie can be worn all year round by dads who value comfort. Tip: If your dad is a little more conservative, go for the olive or grey hoodies.

Available at Lane Crawford

2. Kool For Men Water Soluble CBD Drops

 Kool for Men
Source:  Kool for Men

Kool for Men is a Hong Kong based brand that empowers men through clean grooming and CBD products. Help Dad relax with their Water Soluble CBD Drops (600mg CBD), which they claim are 10 times more effective than traditional CBD oil by using nanotechnology to enhance absorption. What’s more, HK$5 of every purchase goes towards GO Campaign to fund education and healthcare for children around the world.

Available at Kool for Men

3. PYE Summer Dress Shirt

Source: PYE

Dress your father up in a shirt by PYE, whose mission is to create shirts that are timeless, made with integrity and of the highest quality. Through a ‘seed to shirt’ philosophy, they actually grow their own cotton and weave their own fabric, which helps ensure that the people working at PYE are treated with integrity as well. Their Summer 2022 collection includes a range of patterned and plain summer shirts – we especially love the Euclid Tailored Fit Shirt in Navy Check!

Available at PYE

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4. BEAMS Immunity Adaptogenic Coffee

Beams Co.
Source: Beams Co.

If your dad is a coffee lover, try BEAMS, a local Hong Kong adaptogenic coffee brand. What are adaptogens, you ask? Basically, herbs or mushrooms species that help the body better ‘adapt’ – hence the name. BEAMS offers a variety of coffee blends made from different adaptogenic mushrooms, including reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane. Their ‘Immunity’ Coffee seems especially appropriate during the current times – besides boosting immunity, the blend also helps tackle anxiety and reduce fatigue!

Available at Beams Co.

5. Blue Note Wine’s Biodynamic Wine

Blue Note Wine
Source: Blue Note Wine

Does your father love wine? Why not gift him a bottle of biodynamic wine, which not only avoids synthetic pesticides and fertilisers during farming, but aligns its picking schedule with the astrological calendar and the rhythm of nature. Apparently, this leads to better quality fruit and better-tasting wine!

Available at Blue Note Wine

6. Paper Shades Square Frame Sunglasses

Paper Shades
Source: Paper Shades

Yes, these shades are made from paper! Paper Shades upcycles used paper to produce chic sunglasses that save the planet, and has already attracted the likes of Red Bull and Wonderfruit Festival to develope custom Paper Shades for their clients. On top of their signature Matte Black Square Frames, we also love their Light Cork Round Frame sunglasses!

Available at Paper Shades

7. Vega Chocolate Protein Powder

The Store HK
Source: The Store HK

If your dad is a fitness junkie, then he’d probably love this ultra-chocolatey plant-based protein powder from Vega. Plant-based protein powders are a cleaner source of protein, since they are lower in saturated fat and have no cholesterol. Giving your loved ones the gift of health and fitness is always a win-win.

Available at The Store HK

8. KIBO Recycled Leather Kicks

Source: KIBO / Facebook

It’s hard to go wrong with white sneakers, even if your dad is extremely picky! KIBO’s guilt-free kicks are made of recycled leather, post-consumer plastics and natural materials. On top of using eco-friendly materials, KIBO also makes it their mission to source ethically and ensure that their workers are paid well above minimum wage.

Available at KIBO

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Our very own 8Shades Sustainable Gift Hamper for Him is perfect for Father’s Day and packed with eco-friendly goodies he’ll love, including a reusable face mask from Innotier, insulated STTOKE coffee mug, microfibre sports towel, 4-pack of Heroes Beer and more!

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